Flying Star Feng Shui 2019


Finding out about the Feng Shui Flying Stars for the year can help prepare us for indications both positive and negative. Wealth, career, love, health and good fortune or misfortune, plus other important aspects of life can all be affected by these Flying Stars - what better way to plan ahead for the coming year?

When you know the Flying Star locations you can boost the good luck ahead and minimize the bad using the formula revealed by the highly revered feng shui grand master Lillian Too, to unlock a better future. This is a powerful and important way to see what areas of your home or workplace have energies that can be enhanced or avoided.

The method is not difficult. Just divide your property into 9 sectors which can be done using the directions of the compass. Once you know which sector a room is located in, you can determine whether you need a feng shui enhancer to increase auspicious vibrations or a cure to combat negative ones. It is best to plan early for the 2019 Flying Stars so that you can be ready to receive what you desire. Be aware that the location of the Flying Stars changes each year, so it’s necessary to check on their placement annually.


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Feng Shui Flying Star Chart for the Year 2019
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THE #5 YELLOW MISFORTUNE STAR – Resides in the SOUTHWEST, Causing Bad Luck and Misfortune

Flying Star 2019Misfortune could find those who are in the Southwest in 2019, so if a bedroom, home or office are important areas for you, heed feng shui advice for warding off this negativity. Danger of a physical nature is possible as is overall havoc. If a bedroom, front door or room you spend a great deal of time in is in the Southwest, be alerted to stress or unfortunate events. This could come in the form of physical mishaps, a financial loss, an illness or a serious break in a relationship. Those whose front door, bedroom or work desk are in the Southwest are strongly advised to use feng shui cures here. The negativity could come out of nowhere so it’s best to place Feng Shui cures ahead of time. Avoiding remodeling or digging of any type is advised against in 2019 since this fully awakens the #5’s harmful energy. Most affected in 2019 are older women or the female head of the household as well as those born under the sign of the Sheep or Monkey.

Because of the harm the #5 can create, those affected become depressed and difficult to be around. Poweful Feng shui cures that are often used to overcome the harmful #5 are the Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda Keychain or Boudhanath Stupa Fengshui Keychain, which can be carried or worn for protection, and the placement of the 5 Element Feng Shui Pagoda, Tri-Coloured Five Element Pagoda or the Golden Five Element Pagoda (6 inches) in the afflicted area is often effective in the Southwest.

More recommended feng shui cures against this misfortune #5 star.


THE #2 ILLNESS STARResides in the NORTHEAST, Causing Illness and Health Issues

Flying Star 2019Health issues in 2019 can hold people back from attaining their best if they are associated with the Northeast sector. This brings about the threat of reduced energy, susceptibility to illness (especially diseases of the muscles, mouth or stomach) and overall weakened energy. If a maindoor, living room or bedroom is in the Northeast, strong feng shui cures are particularly advised to ward off the worst of the #2’s power. If possible, move to another bedroom if you normally sleep in the Northeast sector – especially if you are a pregnant woman. To appease the health threats, keep the Northeast calm and dimly lit. Even painting your front door white is a possible feng shui option if it's located in NE. Though all can be affected by this negativity, the youngest son of the family as well as those born in the Ox or Tiger sign must use the most caution in 2019.

A Bejeweled Blue Medicine Buddha Statue, Garuda Feng Shui Windchime for Anti Illness or the Healing Herbs Wu Lou are Feng Shui cures to minimize the powerful illness energy. Carrying an Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain or Golden Wu Lou with Garuda Keychain, or wearing a Garuda Feng Shui Wu Lou Pendant for Health or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet is also advised. If the main door or living room is located in the Northeast, this star can affect anyone within the home. Hang the Chalcedony Vase with Bunch of Wulou Hanging or Ruyi with Bunch of Wu Lou Hanging (Chalcedony Quartz) in your car.

More Feng Shui cures for the #2 Illness star can be found here.


THE #3 HOSTILITY STAR -  Resides in the SOUTH, Threatening Hostility or Possible Legal Issues

Flying Star 2019In 2019, the #3 Quarrelsome Star rules over the South sector, bringing with it hostility, angry temperaments and possibilities for arguments that could even lead to a lawsuit or a divorce for some. This is a star to be taken very seriously and those who live or work in the South sector must use extreme caution. Displaying a Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau Fu Dogs or Gold Apple with Peace Symbol in this location can help tame the anger quicker than would normally happen, especially if the living room or a work desk area is located there. A home that faces the South, and also a bedroom or main door located in the South would be best protected with the Tibetan Brass Dorje Vajra (L), Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star #3 or Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque, offering a calming presence to ward off a potential serious argument or legal action. Place this in a prominent location in the sector.

In particular danger in 2019 are those born under the sign of the Horse and the middle daughter in a family. Rumors, gossip and work tension can escalate quickly if care is not taken. It will be difficult to maintain a pleasant environment, but feng shui help can go a long way. These people should carry a Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Feng Shui Keychain or Apple Peace Hanging Keychain at all times.

To help pacify the #3, keep the SOUTH sector quiet, spend as little time there as possible, or even leave that sector alone. Removing water or wood energy from the South sector is also advised. Hang the Green Laughing Buddha Beaded Tassel or Golden Double Dorje Buddhist Tassels in your car.

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THE #7 VIOLENT STAR – Resides in the SOUTHEAST – Theft, Burglary or Violence Loom Close By

Flying Star 2019In 2019, there is a threat of harm from the #7 Star for those whose home faces or sits in the Southeast sector, as for those who spend a good deal of time in a Southeast room. This can be in the form of physical harm from robbery so check smoke alarms and if you don’t have a security system, consider installing one this year. Theft or violence – even an accident – are to be avoided at all costs so it’s necessary to be on the alert against this negativity. Money loss is possible so this is not the time for risky investments or ventures. Betrayal could also play a role, even from someone you thought you could trust. The oldest son in a family is especially prey to this unfortunate feng shui energy at this time. Also at risk is those born under the zodiac sign of the Rabbit. Jealousy, backstabbing and gossip could follow you now, so steer clear of giving your full trust to anyone or anything in 2019.

An Anti-Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantra, Eight Petal Lotus Mirror of Manjushri or Anti-Burglary Plaque - Red placed in this sector helps protect against robbery. Displaying the Kwan Kung statue can also offer mighty protection.

The Snake, Dragon or the first daughter need to beware trusting someone fully now, and carrying an Kwan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet Keychain or Eight Petal Lotus Mirror of Manjushri Keychain is strongly advised. When in your car, hang a Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Hanging or Blue Sodalite Rhino and Elephant Protection Hanging to keep danger at bay in 2019. Stick Anti Burglary and Violence Window Stickers (2 pieces) in your home, office or car.

If your main door is in the SouthEast, invest in better security such as stronger locks or alarm systems. Kitchens in the Southeast can be dangerous so use care in working with sharp objects and make sure burners are watched while cooking and turned off when not in use.

More Feng Shui cures for the #7 Robbery Star.



There is good news for those whose main entrance, living room, bedroom, bagua or animal palace faces in the directions listed below. The following sectors will be blessed by auspicious energy that should be encouraged to flourish through the use of feng shui enhancers.

THE #8 WEALTH STAR Resides in the CENTER, Offering Wealth and Prosperity Luck

Flying Star 2019The Center sector is favored by the #8 Wealth Star, a very auspicious sign in 2019. It brings excellent feng shui energy to anyone who works or resides in the Center of a home or office. Wealth increases as does the potential for prosperous success with investments, business ventures or even an unexpected windfall. This wealth increases happiness and encourages more success due to heightened motivation and a good work ethic. Making the most of the #8 requires an input of yang energy, which can be enhanced by happy noise and laughter in its environment, this year in the Center. A promotion, fame, a reward or added income are all possible with this Star, and to fully activate it, display a Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl in this center of your home or office for 2019.

In this year of the Boar 2019, the #8 Prosperity Star can also be magnified with feng shui products such as the Feng Shui Mountain of Gold with Mantra, Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree or the Mandala Offering with Gemstones, placed in the Center. Crystal trees, crystal points or crystal balls are also powerful energizers. For luck that can occur anytime, consider the personal benefit of carrying a Good Fortune Lock Amulet Keychain or the Stupa of Eight Doors to Abundance Keychain, and wearing the beautiful 925 Silver Mystic Knot Pendant with Yellow Swarovski Crystals or dzi bracelet. Hang the Feng Shui Jade Mystic Knot Tassels or Five Jade Feng Shui Gold Ingots Tassel in your car.

More Feng Shui enhancers for the #8 Wealth Star.


THE #6 HEAVENLY STARResides in the EAST, with Blessings of Good Fortune

Flying Star 2019Heavenly blessings arrive in the East sector during 2019, a highly fortunate sign of good luck. The #6 favors taking a few financial risks whether in gambling or investments that seem to show potential. The stock market or real estate are promising areas to explore. Mentor luck is also associated with this feng shui star, so be on the lookout for someone who believes in you and wishes to offer help or wise advice. Careers can be blessed by this. If your home either sits in the East or faces in the direction of the East, abundance is definitely on the horizon and those whose front door is in the East sector also look poised for good fortune. This luck applies to everyone in this sector but particularly the eldest son in a family or those born under the sign of the Rabbit.

If your bedroom is located in the East, it encourages good luck of all kinds and it could be worth spending more time there to make the most of this Indirect Wealth Star.

Keeping the most reward from this star can be activated by placing the specific Feng Shui Enhancer in the Southwest. This also helps attract support from someone such as a mentor. Display the Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance Gui Ren Plaque for Nobleman Luck or Six Heaven Gold Coin Plaque is in the East. To keep blessings with you, consider carrying the Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain.

More Feng Shui enhancers for the #6 Heavenly Star.


THE #1 WHITE STAR – Resides in the WEST and Signals Success and Triumph

#1 Victory Flying Star 2019Success is highly possible when the #1 Victory Star is present, and in 2019 it is located in the West sector. This means excellent chances for overcoming competition and attaining goals and plans with a victorious feng shui energy. Those who reside or work in the West sector can look forward to this auspicious star’s influence in their life. If a bedroom or main door is located in the West, and especially if you have a competitive career where the drive to succeed is great, rejoice in 2019. If there is a bedroom in this sector and you can do so, choose to sleep there this year. The youngest daughter in a family as well as those born under the sign of the Rooster can reap the greatest rewards now although the Star shines on anyone spending time here.

The luck of the #1 Star is best called to action by displaying a Five Element Banner of Victory, Key for Success and Victory or a Power Elephant with Warrior and Magic Barrel in the West. Those seeking a triumphant success at work or in career matters could also carry a Purple Crown Symbolizing Prestige and Success Keychain or Prosperity Victory Amulet Feng Shui Keychain for added benefits in financial and success luck.

A powerful Warrior General statue on horse (perhaps the Kwan Kung Statue) can also be used to enhance the #1 Victory Star, enabling you to thriumph over your competitors in business.

More Feng Shui enhancers for the #1 Victory Star.


THE #4 ROMANCE & ACADEMIC STAR – Resides in the NORTH, Blessing you with Love and Scholastic Luck

#4 Romance and Academic Flying Star 2019Those with a home or office or who have an important room in the North sector can expect love and relationship luck, whether romantic or otherwise. The #4 also brings education luck. This is a wood star that singles covet for romance luck and those singles or married people who have a bedroom in the North are in for a special treat! Singles who spend much time in a North room could find their special someone in 2019, and the middle son and the Rat sign of the zodiac are also in special luck. The only people who could find the #4 to be negative are those couples who are feeling the Peach Blossom energy and are tempted by infidelity or find that their partner is thinking of straying. Heartbreak is a possibility. Wearing or carrying a Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet (Obsidian) or Marriage Saver Feng Shui Keychain is a feng shui suggestion to ward off temptation.

Artistic and creative people or those in the educational field may be pleased by the positive energy in their endeavors, as can those who lecture, design or research for a living. This also helps students get a boost in studies. Students sleeping in the North are thought to have an extra edge during exam time or when applying for higher education.

To encourage the Romance Star, place a  Pair of Feng Shui White Mandarin Ducks or Bejeweled Mandarin Ducks to Enhance Love Luck in the North, and to keep love luck alive, wear a High Grade Jade Peach Heart Shape Crystal Pendant or carry a Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain.

Creative people such as writers, artists, lecturers, designers, teachers or researchers should experience work luck and possible advancement or travel. The student who sleeps or studies in the North experiences exam luck and good fortune in being accepted at a preferred college or school. Awaken the Academic part of the #4 by carrying the Dragon Gate Scholastic and Good Career Keychain, Education Scholastic Amulet Keychain or Feng Shui Scholastic Keychain for Education Luck and displaying a Bejewelled Pair of Feng Shui Carp or Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati in the North

More Feng Shui enhancers for the #4 Romance and Education Star.


THE #9 FUTURE PROSPERITY STARResides in the NORTHWEST, Boosting Potential for Future Success

#9 Future Prosperity Flying Star 2019Good fortune arrives from the presence of the #9 Future Prosperity and Magnifying Star in the Northwest sector. It begins in 2019 and will usher in abundance as time goes on. Those born in the sign of the Dog or Boar, an older male or the patriarch in a family stand to benefit the most, though prosperity is blessing all who spend time in the Northwest sector. Make plans, set goals and keep working hard toward your future because success only grows. Feel free to make wise investments and even if rewards aren’t instantly felt, have patience. Fame, recognition and the possibility of rewards or awards could come your way this year.

To gain the most benefit from the #9, carry a Nine Ring Sword Keychain. Also recommended – displaying a Yang House Amulet Feng Shui Plaque, Nine Deities Invocation Feng Shui Plaque or placing the Parasol Dhamachakra Wheel Nine-Rod Windchime in the Northwest to energize this Star.   

More Feng Shui enhancers for the #9 Future Prosperity Star.




In 2019, harm comes to the West sector from the Three Killings. Three types of negative luck are associated with this – loss of your reputation, loss of a loved one, or loss of wealth. Even the best prepared plans can be plagued with roadblocks and obstacles now, most often leading to a reversal in monetary status. Since the Three Killings is in the West in 2019, the biggest risk of danger is to the youngest daughter in a family, Rooster, Dog and Monkey. However, anyone working or sleeping in the West can be adversely affected. It’s advised in 2019 to keep doors and windows in this sector closed in the afternoon hours, to help block the Three Killings energy. DO NOT sit with your back facing West. The three celestial protectors of the Chi Lin, the Fu Dog and the Pi Yao are highly effective feng shui cures for this year’s negativity. Display Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians, Three Celestial Guardians Plaque or Three Lions Plaque for Three Killings in West to counteract the Three Killings in 2019. Those who sleep or work in this sector, Rooster, Dog, Monkey and youngest daughter should carry a 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain for protection.



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