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Products in this catalog are designed for the year of the Boar 2019. Please check our Horoscope and Feng Shui 2019 or Flying Star 2019 to find out what Feng Shui enhancers or cures you need fully optimize your luck in the new year!

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2019 Lillian Too's Feng Shui Diary
The Year of the Earth Boar is ruled by Yin Water (branch) and Yin Earth (stem), so it is crucial to ..
SKU: MFSX944462
Fortune and Feng Shui 2019 for Boar
The BOAR in 2019 has a good life force but a weak spirit essence. Yours is the sign that dominates t..
SKU: MFSX944593
Fortune and Feng Shui 2019 for Horse
The HORSE in 2019 has to endure quite a challenging year as most of the element indications are nega..
SKU: MFSX944543
Fortune and Feng Shui 2019 for Ox
The OX in 2019 enjoys very good life force and spirit essence, which coupled with equally strong SUC..
SKU: MFSX944491
Fortune and Feng Shui 2019 for Rabbit
The RABBIT in 2019 benefits from excellent life force and spirit essence, the two most important ind..
SKU: MFSX944515
Fortune and Feng Shui 2019 for Rat
The RAT in 2019 enjoys strong Peach Blossom luck. You are surrounded by loving energies and your pop..
SKU: MFSX944486
Fortune and Feng Shui 2019 for Snake
The SNAKE in 2019 is feeling fragile and this is not surprising. You face the Tai Sui and must suppr..
SKU: MFSX944538
13-tier Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda Tower
Beautifully peaceful, this 13-level Feng Shui pagoda is thought to inspire compassion..
SKU: MFSX947823
4 Elements Cross Mirror Reflecting Superior Wealth Luck
This 4 Elements Cross Feng Shui Mirror features two groups of secret friends in Chinese ho..
SKU: MFSX948374
Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain
Powerful illness fighting is seen in this beautiful keychain, by means of the Wu Lou and Garuda..
SKU: MFSX948073
Anti-Burglary and Violence Window Sticker (2 pieces)
This Anti-Burglary and Violence sticker is powerful and beautiful. It contains the mighty Dakini Amu..
SKU: MFSX948144
Anti-Burglary Plaque - Red
This Anti Burglary Fengshui plaque is designed to offer protection from the #7 Robbery or ..
SKU: MFSX948136
Apple Peace Hanging Keychain
An excellent charm for countering the aggressive #3 Flying Star, this Apple Peace Hanging ..
SKU: MFSX947596
Auspicious Chinese Golden Rice Bowl Set
An ancient symbol of fortune and unbreakable income luck, this Feng Shui auspicious golden Chinese r..
SKU: MFSX947811
Bejeweled Cute Pig Couple Tassel
This cute and sparkly Pig Couple is studded with brilliant jewels symbolizes abundance and good ..
SKU: MFSX947735
Bejewelled Action Feng Shui Vase (Red)
Vases have always been an auspicious symbol that signifies a state of riches. Display this specia..
SKU: MFSX948535
Bejewelled Flying Windhorse for Success Luck
This elegant and powerful red Windhorse is presented in a red color represents power,..
SKU: MFSX947706
Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage Statue
Are you looking for your destined true love? Are you trying to maintain a harmonious relationship wi..
SKU: MFSX947578
Bejewelled Goddess Kurukulle Statue
Goddess Kurulkulle, known as the Red Tara, is the first of the 21 Taras. She is reputed to help devo..
SKU: MFSX947091
Bejewelled Tam Lotus
Serenely beautiful, this bejeweled Tam on lotus features symbols of protection and compassion. This ..
SKU: MFSX948118
Bejewelled Tam Lotus Keychain
Serenely beautiful, this bejeweled Tam on lotus keychain features symbols of protection and compassi..
SKU: MFSX948123
Cardinal Cross Mirror for Reflecting Prosperity and Success
The belief that brass mirrors possess magnifying powers and are able to reflect all the positive ene..
SKU: MFSX948381
Chinese Red Packets with Golden Fuk (25 pcs)
Auspiciously red and printed with a golden Chinese symbol for Goor Fortune, these red packets make t..
SKU: MFSX947521
Colorful Liuli Pair of Winged Feng Shui Pi Chiu
Vibrantly colored, this pair of colorful liuli winged Pi Yao is thought to attract wealth, dispel ev..
SKU: MFSX948714