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Double Dragon Yang Energy Feng Shui Enhancer

Price: $67.99
Price in reward points: 816
Material:  Metal
Weight :  240.00g ( 0.53 lbs)
Dimension :  3.25x1x4.5 in (8.5x2.5x11.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX958023
Reward Points:  54
Availability:  In Stock
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Double Dragon Yang Energy Feng Shui Enhancer is crafted to combat negative Yin and Killing energy prevalent in spaces affected by the malevolent “Yin House” or “Yearly Killings” star. This potent Enhancer serves as a powerful energy cleanser, dissolving accumulated stagnation and diffusing residual anger lingering post-conflict.

Ideal for spaces burdened with unresolved tension or lingering hostility, this Feng Shui cure revitalizes environments, offering a renewed sense of balance. It acts as an invigorating force, particularly beneficial for individuals feeling drained due to stress, anxiety, or overexertion.

Harness the protective aura of the intertwined Double Dragon and the serene resonance of the Heart Sutra, creating a harmonious ambiance filled with Yang chi

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