DOG's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2019

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast, Horoscope & Luck Analysis for Chinese Zodiac Dog in the Year of the Boar 2019

Monthly Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2019 for Dog

Those with Zodiac sign Dog are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

The 2019 Feng Shui forecast is mostly good for Dogs, but this first month gets off to a rocky start with the #3 Quarrelsome Star’s presence. It threatens arguments and tension at work and home. Staying away from office gossip or heated discussions will be the best bet at work because your opinion could be misunderstood. Now isn’t the time to hold important meetings if possible, since negative energy could cause a quarrel or objection to your ideas. Staying positive helps Dogs overcome most of these obstacles if attention is paid to ways around them. The abundance of Wood energy this month is the cause of some of the anger so Fire energy should be brought in as a balance. This can include wearing shades of red and keeping rooms well lit. The red color is a feng shui way to attract wealth, as well. A Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau Fu Dogs in the NW can help fight off negativity and the Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Feng Shui Keychain can be carried to calm angry energy and tension.

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This isn’t the best time for friendships or love. Staying positive and overlooking negative comments or traits is best, even if it means walking away from a discussion. It’s not worth it to force your opinion on a partner if it will only cause a heated argument. This is a good time to spend some quiet time doing things on your own now and then to keep peace in the relationship.

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2nd Month (6th-Mar to 4th-Apr 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

The #2 Illness Star causes a decrease in energy and strength for Dogs, and the additional presence of the #9 Magnifying Star only intensifies this energy. This is a month to stay with familiar projects and activities rather than undertaking new ventures or trying anything risky or dangerous. What begins as a slight illness could grow worse unless you take better care of yourself by reducing consumption of food and alcohol and getting more sleep. A Healing Herbs Wu Lou in your home’s Northwest sector can help ward off serious health problems. Even something as simple as a change in weather could attack your immune system now, so be sure to dress warm when necessary or keep your home at an even temperature.

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Students are prone to catch an illness from a fellow student, and mothers of Dog children could have their hands full taking care of these children. Carry a Bunch of Chalcedony Wulou for Health Keychain. Make a doctor’s appointment if symptoms don’t clear up quickly. Love suffers now because Dogs don’t have the energy or enthusiasm necessary to seek love or to even do anything overly romantic if they are already in a relationship. Try to just keep things peaceful and know that passion will return soon enough.

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3rd Month (5th-Apr to 5th-May 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

Success is encouraged by the arrival of the #1 Victory Star this month. Dogs should be poised to take full advantage of this influence by displaying the Key for Success and Victory, which acts as a symbol of victory and encourages auspicious outcomes. A sum-of-ten is also in force this month, bringing possible windfall luck and increased finances. Carrying a Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer Amulet Keychain is feng shui advice to fully magnify this luck. An old friend or ally may suddenly return to your environment and you two might pick up where you left off. At the same time, new encounters produce a colleague or two who can hep you achieve what you desire. It’s possible a promotion or bonus is coming your way, so be ready. To help gain positive support and attention for you and your projects, consider displaying the Wisdom Pagoda or Treasure Chest Dharani.

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Singles enjoy love luck now. It’s a favorable time to make your feelings known if you’ve been admiring someone from afar. Don’t let fear hold you back. You could be surprised at the fact that this person shares your feelings of romance.

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4th Month (6th-May to 5th-Jun 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

With a yearly and monthly #9 Magnifying/Completion Star in your chart, the Dog has good fortune within reach and money luck to be enjoyed. Good news could come in the form of the plan you recently made coming to fruition. New opportunities are on the horizon, too, so be on the lookout. This could be a time of a new career offer that may come about unexpectedly, possibly from a person you recently met. Either way – whether on your present career path or a new one – success and wealth are magnified. Keeping the Earth Cross Mirror for Building Solid Foundation for Wealth in your home invites a solid foundation of wealth and auspicious blessings.

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This may not be a month so much for love as for family and extended family, which could include dear friends so close that they feel like a part of the family. Enjoy this time with these treasured people, and listen to their advice. One of the people in your life could act as a mentor now, offering help when least expected and opening a door to a new venture or idea.

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5th Month (6th-June to 6th-July 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Dogs benefit from the presence of two auspicious stars this month – the #8 Wealth Luck Star and the #9 Magnifying/Completion Star. They work together to bring strong energy financially and in terms of recognition for a job well done. The fifth month of the year is dominated by the Earth element and since Dogs are ruled by Earth, this magnifies the potential power. However, it’s suggested that you increase Fire energy to balance luck potential. The Northwest sector in particular can benefit from this, so keep the area well lit. Fire energy can also be boosted by wearing the color red or adding red accents in your home. If your home faces Northwest, keeping the door open when possible will invite good fortune to enter. Displaying the Bejewelled Pair of Feng Shui Carp or Feng Shui Mountain of Gold with Mantra symbolizes magnified wealth luck. Placing a Mandala Offering with Gemstones in your home is also feng shui advice to invite money luck to visit you. With the benefit of the #8 and #9 Stars, your decision-making ability is perfect for seeking out and implementing ventures for both short and long term success.

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Believe in yourself and your abilities and don’t let anyone else discourage you now. When you have the confidence level necessary to maximize your potential, it will shine outwardly and attract the best of energy and opportunities.

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6th Month (7th-July to 7th-Aug 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – AVERAGE

Dogs must use caution now because of the presence of the #7 Loss/Betrayal Star. Negative energy creates obstacles or roadblocks and could mean a betrayal in business or personal matters. Keep your guard up even around those you feel you can trust, because there could be a disappointment from them. The #7 Star contains Metal energy and it lands in the Northwest, a Metal sector, intensifying negative forces. You can help tame this energy by wearing the color red to add Fire energy. Work confrontations could occur; watch your back because betrayal, even from an ally, is a possibility. Don’t share secrets or inner feelings because they could be used against you. Also watch what you say or do because someone could misinterpret you and feel hurt or vengeful. Keep your work area well lit to indicate Fire energy. Display a Anti-Burglary Plaque - Red in the Northwest.

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It takes a thick skin now to keep negative comments or actions from affecting you, whether business or personal in nature. In love, walk away from a disagreement rather than letting it fester and cause hard feelings.

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7th Month (8th-August to 7th-September 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

Blessings of all types favor the Dog this month due to the presence of the #6 Heaven Star. This is further enhanced with the annual #9 Star already present in your chart. This lifts your spirits and energy level and gives you the motivation needed to pursue and achieve goals. If an obstacle arises, it is short-lived in nature and you’ll find a way around it. It may seem that an unseen guidance is helping you from heaven now because there is a dramatic change in your success potential. In family matters, the patriarch has especially elevated mental and physical energy and can follow through and complete projects. It would be wise to have family members listen to and follow the lead of this male head of house now. However, matriarchs also fare well this month.

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Ask the God of Heaven to visit and bless your home now for added positive chi. The Chinese believe that this God is the source of all blessings. Displaying a Gui Ren Feng Shui Windchime or Gui Ren Plaque for Nobleman Luck in your Northwest sector attracts the maximum benefits but it can also be placed in the East sector since the annual #6 resides there now. Carry a Jade Emperor Heaven Luck Feng Shui Keychain.


8th Month (8th-September to 7th-October 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – DOG

Dogs experience the afflictive Wu Wang now with the #5 Misfortune Star’s arrival. To make matters worse, the #9 Magnifying Star is also present, creating a double dose of negativity. It will be most beneficial to carry a strong feng shui remedy to help combat this energy, and the Five Element Pagoda with the seed syllable OM AH HUM is strongly advised. This helps keep enemies away and offers protection from harm, whether of a physical, emotional or spiritual nature. Money loss is possible now, and making changes with finances is not advised. It’s also not the time to change jobs or move to a new home. The work environment is tense and it’s best to work alone when possible to avoid tension created by someone misunderstanding what you say or do.

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Home matters are not much better. Relationships suffer, whether with a spouse, sibling or a child. You’ll need all your strength to avoid arguments or disharmony. Fortunately, your life force and spirit essence are high and will help you weather through this period.

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9th Month (8th-October to 7th-November 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – AVERAGE

All the best, and perhaps a few of the worst, elements of the #4 Peach Blossom Star influence the chart of the Dog this month. Relationships are favored, whether business or personal, and your charisma helps gain support and approval of you and your ideas. But the #4 energy is also known to go too far if not kept under control. This could lead to an uncomfortable situation at work where it’s interpreted (perhaps rightfully so) as flirting that you are doing with a co-worker or even your boss. Expressing your feelings might not go well in this setting, since your feelings may not be returned. This could mean an embarrassing situation or even a reprimand of sorts.

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Love of any type should be taken slowly now. It sounds exciting to rush in with your heart but it may not last long. Build a relationship slowly for the most happiness. For student Dogs, scholastic luck arrives with the #4 Star and can be maximized by placing the 13-tier Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda Tower on a desk. 

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10th Month (8th-November to 6th-December 2019)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

The #3 Quarrelsome Star can wreak havoc now, with minor misunderstandings growing quickly into something more intense and hostile. Avoid being drawn into heated discussions by walking away rather than trying to make a point and ending up being misunderstood by something you did or said. Wearing the color red is advised by feng shui experts to tame angry energy – both yours and that of others. Keeping areas brightly lit also helps tame negative energy by shining glowing light on the area. It’s also known to help attract wealth luck. It’s strongly urged to remove any windchimes that may be hanging in your Northwest sector now, as they can create too much noise and upset the #3’s presence. Place a Tibetan Brass Dorje Vajra (L) in the NW and carry a Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Feng Shui Keychain. Maintain calm whenever possible. If you feel yourself becoming angry, breathe deeply and avoid blaming someone for a situation. Visualize them being “blown away” from your vibrations for now.

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Keeping yourself calm is important in personal matters as well. It will be tempting to blame someone close to you and this can lead to an unnecessary argument. Don’t let this escalate to a point where it could damage an otherwise good relationship.

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11th Month (7th-December 2019 to 6th-January 2020)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – CAUTIOUS

This month can be a dark time for the Dog, who must use caution to keep from being overwhelmed by the negativity. This Yin energy comes from the #2 Illness Star, which threatens mental and physical health. It is magnified by the additional presence of the #9 Magnifying Star, intensifying negative vibrations. This is the time to pamper yourself. Get better rest, take your vitamins, watch what you eat and drink, and pay attention to signs of illness. Muscle aches and pains are possible now. Beware the cold or flu by wrapping yourself in warm blankets at home and wearing sufficient clothing when outside. Displaying a Brass Eight Immortals Feng Shui Wu Lou (s) in the NW is wise feng shui advice to ward off serious illness that the #2’s Earth energy could bring. Carry the Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain.

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The end of the year and the New Year always bring chances for parties and celebrations but make sure you don’t overindulge or partake of too much merriment. Keeping thoughts positive and happy is important, though. Call on the Garuda’s presence to help you get through this challenging time.


12th Month (7th-January to 3rd-February 2020)
DOG's Monthly Horoscope Luck Rating – GOOD

The year ends on a very good note for Dogs with the arrival of the #1 Victory Star. Business and personal success is possible and you can maximize the potential for it by displaying a Five Elements Victory Banner or Windhorse-Boosting Victory Flag for Success Luck nearby. Good fortune is further heightened with sum-of-ten energy. It’s a time for celebrations now and people flock to you, even those from your past who make an unexpected but welcome return. A new person could also enter your environment so be open to those around you. At work, there’s potential for a promotion and the added responsibilities but also financial rewards it brings. Your charm and good attitude attract support from co-workers. Go with this increased career energy even if it puts you slightly outside your comfort zone, because success potential is high. Carry the Victory Banner Amulet Feng Shui Keychain.

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Personal and love relationships are favored now and networking or socializing may bring someone important into your life. Your horizons are expanded and this means the possibility for a new and happy relationship is increased.


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