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Colorful Mini Liuli Rooster With Gold Ingots

Price: $33.99
Price in reward points: 369
Material:  Glass
Weight :  130.00g ( 0.29 lbs)
Dimension :  1.75x0.875x2.75 in (4.5x2.2x7 cm)
SKU:  MFSX954320
Reward Points:  26
Availability:  In Stock
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The proud rooster is a feng shui symbol of prosperity and strength – ever alert and ready to enhance one’s wealth luck. This colorful liuli rooster statue stands proudly on a bed of gold ingots and carrying one on its back symbolizing the activation of wealth and financial luck. This feng shui icon is said to enhance courage and perseverance in one’s career activities while eliminating negative energy that might stand in the way. The rooster’s alertness is believed to help open up possibilities for advancement in business. It is said that placing it in an area near a main door of an office or home will help ward off arguments, either of a business nature or marital nature by weakening negative elements. It is said to help those in politics as well, as they seek to better their reputation or recognition level, especially if placed in the South feng shui sector

The process of creating the Liuli glass is unique and the items are handmade, thus each piece is unique to some degree. ​

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