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Brass Feng Shui Lock Coin for Wealth
Specially designed to fortify and enhance speculative luck for high stakes investors, financiers and..
Auspicious Brass Fuk Luk Sau with Wealth Pot and Kids (L)
Even those with the most discriminating tastes will delight in this elegant brass figurine of Fuk ..
Brass Feng Shui Monkey With Stamp on Horse (XL)
In Chinese culture, the term “monkey on horse” sounds very much like “ma seong hou” which translates..
Brass Feng Shui Piyao Biting Coin Amulet
This charming brass Pi Yao is a feng shui symbol of protection and enhanced wealth and finance luck...
Brass Feng Shui Ruyi and Good Harvest Keychain
Great for the patriarch of the household or those in positions of power, this brass Ru Yi Feng ..
Brass Money Frog with Five Coins Feng Shui Keychain
This brass money frog with 5 coins keychain is specially formulated as a Feng Shui wealth luck ..
Brass Monkey on Horse Feng Shui Keychain
An excellent carry-along charm for fortifying your luck this Monkey on Horse Keychain makes a great ..
Brass Prosperity Feng Shui Pi Xiu Keychain
This charming brass Pi Xiu (or Pi Yao) with its body plastered with coins makes a wonderful goo..
Brass Tibetan Dorje Keychain
This beautiful golden Dorje is said to help bring about special powers of speech and hearing, by bri..
Metal Wulou With 5 Emperor Coins Amulet Keychain
Beautifully made, this high quality Brass Wu Lou with 5 coins amulet is a Feng Shui remedy for the i..
Pair of Brass Feng Shui Wealth Magnifying Pi Yao
A sleek and intriguing duo, this gorgeous brass pair of Auspicious Feng Shui Pi Yao  is a favor..
Three Big Brass Chinese Coins Feng Shui Tassel
A time-honored and popular wealth luck symbol, the three brass coins feng shui tassel makes an ideal..
Wealth Bag with Five Coins Feng Shui Keychain
Petite and cute, this Feng Shui money bag is great for increasing prosperity luck. The money or..
12 Chinese Emperor's Coins Ingot Tassels
The 12 Chinese emperor coins crafted to form the shape of a gold ingot makes a great Feng Shui cure ..
9 Dragons Brass Incense Burner with Pi Xiu (S)
Gorgeous and ornately designed, this exquisite nine dragon with Pi Yao incense burner makes a powerf..
Brass Dragon Coiling Sword
The "Sword that wards off evil" as it's also referred to in Chinese, this sword is used to neutraliz..
Brass Tortoise on Treasure
This Brass Tortoise on Treasure is rich in longevity, wealth and health luck. Revered as the bringer..
Antiquated Brass Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise (M)
A stalwart and time-honored wealth luck charm, this antiquated brass Feng Shui dragon tortoise&..
Antiquated Brass Trinket Box with Eight Magical Objects
This is a truly beautiful and unique antiquated brass trinket box accented with images of the E..
Brass Chinese Wealth God Holding Scroll
Feng shui belief says that this brass wealth god may activate increased wealth luck and pr..
Brass God of Beggar
The Beggars God, aka Chi Kung, is very much revered by Chinese Taoists. He is believed to defend the..
Brass Majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung Statue (XL)
Gloriously laden with Feng Shui power symbols, this extra-large brass majestic Five Flags Kwan Kung ..
Brass Overflowing Prosperity Wealth Pot
Beautifully crafted, this Feng Shui brass Wealth Pot with overflowing treasure can double ..
Brass Temple Lion Door Knocker
In ancient times, the Temple Lion Head door knockers are guardians on doors for palaces, mansions, t..