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Blue Liuli Medicine Buddha for Good Health

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Price in reward points: 396
Material:  Glass
Weight :  190.00g ( 0.42 lbs)
Dimension :  2.25x1.5x3.25 in (5.5x4x8.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX952057
Reward Points:  26
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The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. He is widely worshipped in China and Tibet for his gifts of health and bolstering of individual enlightenment. In feng shui he is used as a cleansing symbol for dispelling negative energy and inviting health luck in particular.

The Medicine Buddha is known for taking twelve vows detailing his personal commitment to help heal all those suffering from sickness or injury, whether physical, mental or spiritual, so that they may reach enlightenment. He swore to aid the poor and the infirm, those born with deformities, the starving, the disillusioned, the delusional, the thirsty and the otherwise afflicted by enabling the satisfaction of their material needs and helping them on the true and moral path to enlightenment.

The Medicine Buddha is also known as the blue or lapis lazuli Buddha and is depicted in such a color with his left hand holding a pot of sacred medicine and his right hand in the mudra of blessing. The Medicine Buddha also has the stem of a Myroblan plant, fabled for its healing properties of the three conflicting emotions (desire, anger, and ignorance) which are at the root of all illness. The Medicine Buddha’s mantra is “Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha,” and is well honored for its ability to invite healing on many levels. It translates to “May the many sentient beings who are sick, quickly be freed from sickness. And may all the sicknesses of beings Never arise again”.

There are several Feng Shui cures for which the Medicine Buddha is specifically used:

  1. Place the Medicine Buddha in the area affected by the #2 Sickness Flying Star for the year to counter the malevolent energy in the health area of your life.
  2. Place the Medicine Buddha in your living room, main hall or at the center of your home to purify all energy of ailments and create a general sense of health, peace and well-being for all of the members of your household.
  3. Display the Medicine Buddha in the Southeast or health sector of your home to create a beneficial constitution and long life without affliction for the members of your home.

Remember never to place the Medicine Buddha in a place of disrespect such as on your floor, in the bathroom or kitchen.   

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