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Anti-Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantra
This formidable statue of an elephant and rhinoceros with Secret Mantra is an extra p..
Blue Rhinocerous and Elephant on Water
This formidable statue of an elephant and rhinoceros charging across roiling waters is a powerful ..
Brown Feng Shui Tribute Horse for Prosperity
Display the brown Tribute Horse carrying a plate of auspicious fruit to attract prosperity luck and ..
Colorful Liuli Feng Shui Arowana for Wealth Luck
Heighten your wealth luck with this golden yellow translucent arowana figurine. Arowana are typicall..
Colorful Seated God of War Guan Gong
Colorful and handsomely poised, this seated Kwan Kung holding sword is ideal for protectin..
Colourful Liuli Feng Shui Arowana Fish
Enhance your wealth luck with this golden yellow translucent arowana figurine. Arowana are typically..
Glow In The Dark Heart Pendant Necklace
The heart is a universal symbol of love and romance and this heart is made of beautiful glow in the ..
Golden Victory Feng Shui Horse
The horse here is rearing upwards, a particularly auspicious feng shui symbol of succcess luck and c..
Good Fortune Golden Dog with Wu Lou
This shiny Golden Fortune Dog with Wu Lou is a great Feng Shui product for those looking to enhance ..
Jadeite Smooth Sailing Wealth Ship Tassel
Embellished with luscious beads and fluffy tassel, this smooth sailing wealth ship makes a..
Laughing Budda Amulet with Beaded Tassel
The Laughing Buddha has long been a highly regarded feng shui symbol of wellbeing, attracting good n..
Prosperity Dog with Zodiac Animal Friends
Eleven other horoscope animals surround the main character Dog on a bed of treasure and go..
Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star #3
Powerful and majestic, this Eagle statue makes a great Feng Shui cure for the tension causing #3 Fly..
Rotating Feng Shui Money Frog to Attract Wealth Luck
This beautiful, glimmering gold auspicious money frog is designed to attract enhanced money luck i..
Six Auspicious Dogs of Good Fortune
Brilliant and glimmering, these six auspicious golden Dogs with good fortune symbols is an excelle..
Two Galloping Horses for Swift Wealth Luck
This beautiful two running Feng Shui horse on a bed of treasure represents a stampede of good fortun..
9 Wealth Gods Sitting On A Ship
A ferocious dragon boat fully loaded with auspicious characters, this splendid 9 wealth gods sitting..
A Pair of Feng Shui Pi Yao (Green)
Magnificent and commanding, this pair of Feng Shui Pi Yao in green is fabled to manifest a fantastic..
A Pair of Jumping Carps for Career Success (Green)
Enhance your career luck, magnify the blessings of the #8 water star and support the personal develo..
Auspicious Gold Ingot with Treasure for Money Luck
This beautiful, sparkling auspicious gold ingot acts as a wealth pot and is filled with strings of c..
Auspicious Golden Apple with Money Toad and Ruyi
The highly auspicious symbol of the apple is displayed in this glimmering golden item, accompanied b..
Auspicious Golden Dragon Pen Holder
The handsome and gorgeous sculptural reliefs of this dragon pen holder are sure to spew auspicious e..
Auspicious Golden Monkey with Stack of Gold Ingots
Sparkling and intricate 24k gold plated details enhance the appearance of this adorable Monkey, hugg..
Auspicious Horse on Bed of Coins for Wealth Luck
A golden, glistening statue, this Feng Shui Golden Horse on a Bed of Coins symbolizes victory over y..