Pair of Wealth-Inviting Brass Feng Shui Pi Yao

Price: $158.99
Price in reward points: 1908
Material:  Brass
Weight :  1,200.00g ( 2.65 lbs)
Dimension :  5x2.5x3.5 in (13x6.5x9 cm)
SKU:  MFSX938182
Reward Points:  127
Availability:  In Stock
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A sleek and intriguing duo, this gorgeous brass pair of Auspicious Feng Shui Pi Yao with its body plastered with coins is a favored wealth luck and overall good luck charm highly sought after by gamblers, investors and people in high-risk business. Said to summon the eight blessings in Chinese tradition, the Pi Yao is believed to eat immense loads of wealth and never excrete. This symbolizes the Pi Yao’s unique ability to take in prosperity but never waste or lose riches. This mythical creature is said to entice luck from every direction and protect its possessor from harm. Place this elegant Feng Shui pair in your entranceway or main hall facing out. Pi Yaos are also excellent Feng Shui cure for appeasing the Grand Duke Jupiter who brings bad luck of all kinds when confronted.

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