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Pair of Pi Xiu with Ping An Kou Coin Jade Pendant

Price: $18.99
Price in reward points: 228
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  30.00g ( 0.07 lbs)
Dimension :  1x1.25 in, Lgth 14.25 in (max) (2.5x3.2 cm, 36 cm)
SKU:  MFSX948671 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  15
Availability:  Out Of Stock
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Considered talismans of wealth and divine protection, the Pi Xiu are even used to appease the voracious energy of the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui in Chinese astrology. Also treasured for their ability to bring the ”8 Heavenly Blessings,” according to Feng Shui, Pi Xiu are incredibly powerful mythical creatures that remove bad luck and bring good feng shui. When shown in a pair they are known as the “evil dispeller” and “heavenly protector.” Wear the Pair of Pi Xiu with Ping An Kou Coin Jade Pendant to invite lasting protection and good fortune. 

The highly beloved jade used here is a continuation of the respect it has been shown for centuries. It is known as the “stone of Heaven” or “noble stone” and was once prized even more than gold in China. Jade is said to bring feng shui elements of good luck, friendship, and harmony, whether at work or home. Believers say it helps heal difficult relationships by removing negative thoughts and soothing the mind. It also helps opening the door to creative ideas and plans.

Necklace is elastic.

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