Om Wallet - Beige

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Material:  Misc
Weight :  100.00g ( 0.22 lbs)
Dimension :  4.25x2.875 in (11x7.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX94584B3
Reward Points:  31
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This highly colorful and fashionable wallet would be desired by anyone, and particularly those believing in its feng shui benefits. It features the OM seed syllable, believed to draw auspicious blessings and good fortune. Anything placed inside this wallet is said to be blessed with the potential for luck. Several symbols are engraved on the wallet: the lotus, representing the purity of love, the OM syllable itself, the wheel of success and increased wisdom, and the mystic knot, representing endless love. By carrying this wallet and placing important items inside, it is believed that at least four auspicious things will occur in your life.

In feng shui culture, the OM seed syllable is the emblem of protection of the majestic White Umbrella Goddess. She is said to ward off jealousy, harmful spirits or any harmful aspects of nature. The flowers displayed add to the year’s missing spring and allow you to keep your finances and wealth intact.

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