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Double Humped Camel For Business Success and Big Profits
Beautiful camel figurine studded with sparkling jewels. Double-humped camels are specifically said..
Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels for Wealth Luck
The jewel-spouting golden mongoose descends from Tibetan legends and is believed to procure excellen..
Lucky Feng Shui Money Frog On Waterlily Leaf
Beautifully crafted, this bejeweled lucky money frog for wealth luck on waterlily leaf mak..
Luo Han With Crab For Good Strategy and Business Luck
As one of the 18 Chinese saints, the Luo Han depicted with Crab is the deity who brings all forms of..
Red Tara Home Protection Amulet
This beautiful Red Tara home amulet has been made in the traditional Gau prayer box shape and feat..
Sacred Hum Syllable On Lotus
Serenely beautiful, this bejeweled sacred Hum on lotus features symbols of protection and com..
Wealth Bull For Activating Immense Wealth and Big Auspicious
This stunning Wealth Bull is a powerful sacred enlightened creature who brings blessings to those wh..
13-tier Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda Tower
Beautifully peaceful, this 13-level Feng Shui pagoda is thought to inspire compassion..
4 Elements Cross Mirror Reflecting Superior Wealth Luck
This 4 Elements Cross Feng Shui Mirror features two groups of secret friends in Chinese ho..
9-Tailed White Fox Amulet for Keychain
A love attracting charm, this 9-tailed fox amulet is also to believed to support fidelity ..
Anti-Burglary Plaque - Red
This Anti Burglary Fengshui plaque is designed to offer protection from the #7 Robbery or ..
Auspicious Chinese Golden Rice Bowl Set
An ancient symbol of fortune and unbreakable income luck, this Feng Shui auspicious golden Chinese r..
Bejeweled Cute Pig Couple Tassel
This cute and sparkly Pig Couple is studded with brilliant jewels symbolizes abundance and good ..
Bejeweled Pair of Blue Feng Shui Pi Yao
Magnificent and commanding, this Bejeweled Pair of Red Feng Shui Pi Yao is reputed to mani..
Bejewelled Action Feng Shui Vase (Red)
Vases have always been an auspicious symbol that signifies a state of riches. Display this special..
Bejewelled Flying Windhorse for Success Luck
This elegant and powerful red Windhorse is presented in a red color represents power,..
Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage Statue
Are you looking for your destined true love? Are you trying to maintain a harmonious relationship wi..
Bejewelled Goddess Kurukulle Statue
Goddess Kurulkulle, known as the Red Tara, is the first of the 21 Taras. She is reputed to help devo..
Bejewelled Pair of Feng Shui Carp
Invite excellent love luck and overcome any obstacles to success with this beautiful Bejewelled Pair..
Bejewelled Tam Lotus
Serenely beautiful, this bejeweled Tam on lotus features symbols of protection and compassion. This ..
Bejewelled Tam Lotus Keychain
Serenely beautiful, this bejeweled Tam on lotus keychain features symbols of protection and compassi..
Cardinal Cross Mirror for Reflecting Prosperity and Success
The belief that brass mirrors possess magnifying powers and are able to reflect all the positive ene..
Earth Cross Mirror for Building Solid Foundation for Wealth
This powerful Feng Shui Earth Cross Mirror combine the strengths of the 4 Earth Chinese zodiac ..
Figure of 8 Carp for Abundance Keychain
This beautiful pair of carps swimming to form the figure of 8 or infinity symbol is designed to effe..