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3 Hamsa Hands Mediterranean Evil Eye Keychain
The Blue Evil Eye or Lucky Eye, Nazar eye or Greek Evil Eye is a famous Mediterranean symbol for pro..
5 Element Feng Shui Pagoda
The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star lands in the North sector in the Year of the Dog 2018. The F..
5 Element Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain
This 5 Element Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain designed with a number of fantastic Feng Shui symbols for n..
7 inch Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda
The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star lands in the South sector in the Year of the Rooster. The Five Element..
8 Hum Protection Wheel Feng Shui Mirror
The 8 Hum Protection Wheel Mirror is designed to safeguard against harmful Feng Shui affliction..
A pair of Golden Pears
These stunning light gold pears with a brushed finish, called Kam Lei in Chinese, are symbols of the..
Annual Crest Amulet 2018 Feng Shui Keychain
This majestic and regal multi-colored amulet is special for 2018, adorned with special emblems ..
Anti Burglary Keychain 2017
The dangerous #7 Burglary Star could bring robbery or theft, a mugging or betrayal by someone such a..
Anti-Burglary Amulet Feng Shui Keychain
The dangerous #7 Burglary Star could bring robbery or theft, a mugging or betrayal by someone such a..
Bejeweled 0 to 9 Lucky Number Dangle Pendant Charm (Silver Plated)
What is your lucky numbers? Decorate your bracelet with your lucky numbers Charms and attract good l..
Bejeweled 108 Lime Tree
This gorgeous Bejeweled 108 Lime Tree symbolizes endless wealth is designed to harness the..
Bejeweled Auspicious Dragon Charms Bead (Silver Plated)
Revered as a mystic symbol of power and exceptional luck in Feng Shui, the dragon is also said to wa..
Bejeweled Blue Medicine Buddha Statue
Beautiful Bejeweled Blue Medicine Buddha Statue with a secret compartment to store your wishes for g..
Bejeweled Chinese Yin Yang Bead Charm (Silver Plated)
The Yin and Yang symbol symbolizes two opposite yet complementary energies - the perfect b..
Bejeweled Golden Eagle
Eagles have been seen as the king of the sky, strong and mighty feng shui symbols since ancient time..
Bejeweled Hrih Keychain
A Feng Shui keychain showcasing the symbol for HRIH, a Sanskrit syllable and adorned with jewels is ..
Bejeweled Lucky Horseshoe Dangle Pendant Charm (Rhodium Plated)
Horse Shoes are not only believed to attract good luck, but also said to protect one from spirit har..
Bejeweled Luo Han of Longevity
The Luohan of Longevity with the crane bestows blessings of good health, longevity and harmony to th..
Bejeweled Luo Han on Chi Lin
The Bejeweled Luo Han on Chi Lin is a Saint of Philosophy. He is a deity known to bestow blessings o..
Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau Feng Shui Keychain
This pair of Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau Keychain makes an excellent Feng Shui cure for the&..
Bejeweled Superior Gold Ingots with Dragon and Phoenix (3x)
The possibilities are unlimited in terms of ways to benefit financially from this superior set of 3 ..
Bejeweled Wealth God on Tiger
Magnificently commanding a profusion of riches, this bejeweled Wealth God sitting on tiger..
Bejeweled Wealth King Gesar Statue
King Gesar – commander of the Himalayan Mountains – has been a legendary figure for  centuries...
Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree
To extract the growth and wealth energies of the year, display the Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree in t..