ORSE's Monthly Feng Shui Forecast in 2018

Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Chinese Horoscope for Horse in the Year of the Dog 2018

Monthly Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2018 for Horse

Those with Zodiac sign Horse are born in Chinese Lunar Year 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014

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1st Month (4th-Feb to 5th-Mar 2018)
HORSE's Monthly Luck Rating – EXCELLENT

Horses begin Year of the Dog 2018 with the presence of the #9 Magnifying Star and the #4 Peach Blossom Star. They combine to create the lucky 4/9 HoTu. This provides high energy and makes up for a slight lack of element luck. This is the time to make plans and set goals, as well as a schedule for succeeding in them. Your charisma attracts support from others and now is the chance to call upon them to help you. Commercial and business luck are very good and if you have investments, think of long-term, not short-term goals, but then take action. Your instincts serve you well, so don’t let anyone else talk you out of something you believe in.

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Students are energetic and can use the #4’s scholastic influence to do well in studies and perhaps make plans for the future in and out of school. Don’t think short-term here, either – look at the big picture.  Love brings happiness for the Horse, with admirers appearing. Just take things at a pace you can handle instead of becoming swept up too quickly.  Someone who isn’t normally your “type” may appeal to you now, and a previous friendship could turn to love.

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