The Pagodas are one of a frequently used family of feng shui products utilized by masters around the world. This symbol is known for its ability to revitalize chi and to transform negative energy into positive energy. It is also an icon of peace, harmony and wisdom.

In feng shui, Pagodas are most well recognized for their protection of the literary or academic properties of one’s life. This may be because of the pagoda’s traditional function of keeping sacred writings and relics. Pagodas are most benefiting those who are looking to increase their education level, or seek further education in their field. You can place the Feng Shui pagoda beside your bed, in the Northeast sector, on your work desk or in your study room to enhance literary luck or strengthen career chi. This to helps students or professionals who are seeking academic or career achievements to gain a heightened level of focus and concentration.

Because of the Pagoda’s ability to dispel negative energy, it is also believed to help to provide recovery energy to those who are ill. Display in the East sector or on your nightstand to counter negative energies in your surrounding for those who are sick.

In Chinese legend, the pagoda was used to tame mischievous characters. The out-of-control characters would be trapped inside of a pagoda until they were able to reach inner peace and became calm and benevolent creatures. For protection of your home or office, place the Pagoda near the doorway so that it can absorb and arrest harmful energy at the chi entry point.

To protect against betrayal and elevate authority luck in the office, place the pagoda behind your chair.

The varying levels of tiers of the pagoda represents a different message: 5 level pagodas symbolize a balance between the 5 elements and protection from the 5 directions of the powerful emperors. This is believed to ensure balanced luck and good fortune in all of life’s aspirations. The 7 tiered pagoda represents the 7 Northern stars and 7 treasures of Buddhism. It is said to bring great amounts of luck and wealth to its followers. The 9 tiered pagoda is a holistic symbol for people to find their journey and success in professional or scholastic life.


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Golden Feng Shui 7-level Pagoda
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Golden Five Element Pagoda (6 inches)
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Golden Mantra Pagoda Feng Shui Keychain
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Golden Nine Level Education Tower Pagoda
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Heart Sutra Feng Shui Pillar - 6 inches
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Nine Level Feng Shui Pagoda
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Nine Level Wen Chang Pagoda (L)
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