Star #8 (Wealth Star)

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Colorful Eight Immortals Crossing the Great Waters
The Eight Immortals are a group of superior beings (also known as Ba Xian) who a..
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Earth Seal Crystal Prism
This beautiful Yellow Earth Seal engraved with auspicious Chinese symbols is used to invoke the help..
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Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl
This beautiful crystal Wealth Bowl is created to activate and harness the energy of the #8 Earth Wea..
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Eight Wealth Trees with Birds
This eight golden trees with birds and crystals is designed to energize the #8 Wealth Flying Star. T..
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Lime Tree Feng Shui Keychain for Wealth Luck
This Lime Tree Feng Shui Keychain symbolizes endless wealth is designed to harness the auspicio..
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Six Yellow Jasper Prosperity Gold Ingots Tassels
Six pieces of Yellow Jasper are used here to represent gold ingots, a highly powerful feng shui symb..
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The Stupa of Eight Doors to Abundance
This lovely multi-level white Stupa with beautiful gold trim and etching is recommended by feng shui..
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Yellow Jasper Prosperity Ten Coins Tassels
A highly auspicious amount of wealth luck is offered in this lovely feng shui charm with a cluster o..
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925 Silver Mystic Knot Pendant with Blue Swarovski Crystals
Elegant and compellingly symbolic, this 925 Silver Feng Shui Mystic Knot pendant with Swarovski crys..
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Ammonite Shells on Stand (Cross Section)
A potent slice of prehistoric times, this halved ammonite shell on stand is a powerful Feng Shui pro..
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Bejeweled Power of 8 Lucky Keychain
In the world of feng shui the reigning number in the current period is "8". This will rule for a 20-..
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Brass Eight Auspicious Objects Statue
Feng shui honors what are called the eight auspicious objects of Buddhism, also referred to as the a..
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Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat
The Eight Immortals are a group of superior beings (also known as Ba Xian) who are widely regarded a..
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Colorful Liu li Crystal Mystic Knot Bracelet
Intriguingly multi-hued, this colorful Liuli crystal mystic knot bracelet features a popular and dyn..
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Crystal Balls on Star of David Hexagram (M)
The Crystal Balls on Star of David Hexagram is a unique creation designed to ensure that a steady st..
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Crystal Mystic Knot Lucky Charm Hanging (Jade)
Beautifully wrought from the most highly valued material in ancient China, this crystal mystic knot ..
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Eight Piyao for Ultimate Wealth Jade Charm
A highly auspicious amount of wealth luck and protection is offered in this lovely feng shui jade ch..
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Eight Rod Water Droplet Crystal Feng Shui Windchime
In 2016 the #8 Wealth Star visits the Southwest sector, benefitting all houses facing Southwest, a..
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Feng Shui Agate Crystal Coin on Stand (L)
This beautiful object brings potential for many good things to the life of those who own it. The glo..
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Feng Shui Ammonite Shell on Stand
An incredibly potent earth element object, this Feng Shui ammonite shell on stand is a well-known he..
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Feng Shui Crystal Ball with Om Mani Padme Hum
Entrancingly charged with positive energy, this Feng Shui crystal ball with Om Mani Padme Hum is gol..
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Feng Shui Jade 8 Coins Tassels
This 8 jade coins item with red Chinese tassels and the extra benefit of a mystic knot is very beaut..
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Feng Shui Jade Mystic Knot Adjustable Bracelet
Accented with smooth, therapeutic beads, this Feng Shui jade mystic knot adjustable bracelet makes a..
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Five Element Feng Shui Crystal Balls
Introducing the five elements of life into your home or workplace is a favorite Feng Shui cure for o..
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