Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat

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The Eight Immortals are a group of superior beings (also known as Ba Xian) who are widely regarded as symbols of all round good fortune in Feng Shui. These patron saints of the Taoists are said to be summoned from the heavenly realms to assist humans in a variety of tasks, including obtaining wisdom, gaining long life, accumulating wealth, or whatever other type of earthly goal that you can imagine.

Each of the Eight Immortals is associated to one of the eight cardinal directions, so having them in your home or office is incredibly auspicious. They bring benefit to each sector of the Bagua directions that governs specific types of luck, namely wealth, love, health, descendant, fame, mentor, career and education luck.

The Eight Immortals each carries a magical tool called the “Covert Eight Immortals” that can perform supernatural and magical feats. They are used for granting wishes and banishing evil spirits.

As we are in the Period 8 Feng Shui, objects linked to the number 8 are especially powerful. In Chinese culture, the number eight is considered to be very lucky because of how it sounds and its resemblance with the infinity good luck symbol. It’s therefore logical that the auspiciousness of these eight beings are magnified tremendously when you invite them home

The Eight Immortals is comprised of two women and six men:

  • Zhong-Li Chuan. This immortal is the representation of longevity. In legend, Chung-Li Chuan is said to have discovered the elixir of life. This elixir is believed to cure illness or raise the dead. He is usually shown with an enchanted fan or a peach.
  • Zhang Guo-Lao. He represents wisdom, and is said to have the power to make an infertile woman able to conceive a child. His image rides upon a mule that has the power to carry him thousands of miles in one day, and he carries a bamboo tube with him which he uses to make forecast.
  • Lu Dong-Bin. The representative of academic success and protection over study and scholastics. He is portrayed as a Taoist scholar. In one hand, Lu Dong-Ping carries an enchanted sword that is used to exterminate evil spirits. In the other, he carries a fly-whisk which is believed to cure disease and grant good health.
  • Chao Guo Jiu. He is the representation of fame and recognition. Often portrayed in a fine dress, he carries an elaborate feather fan; in the other, a jade tablet or castanet. He is like a powerful protector who guards you without you even knowing it.
  • Li Tie Guai. He is disguised as a beggar. He possesses a crutch and Wu Lou and often has a deer for a companion.  He is believed to be able to confer higher intelligence and health. Having mastered the Five Phases of Energy and successfully combining Yin and Yang energy, he can metamorphose matter and concoct medicines and potions from his gourd.
  • Han Xiang Zi. He is considered the “jubilant” or “joyful” immortal. He carries with him is a magical flute. The magical flute has been said to confer happiness and joy and is also believed to heal sickness. He is the patron deity of musicians
  • Lan Chai He. She is one of the two female immortals. She is believed to bless young women with beauty, luck in life, love, and happiness. Lan Chai He carries an elaborate basket of flowers.
  • He Xian Gu. She is also a female. She is often referred to as “the immortal maiden” and is believed to give luck in life and marriage. She is also believed to help with the passing down of luck through generations. This immortal carries a fly whisk, like Lu Dong-Ping, to get rid of evil spirits, and a magic lotus blossom.

Place the eight immortals in the living room, or other gathering space in your home to enhance the overall luck of the household.

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