Bejewelled Golden Eight Buddhist Magical Objects

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Feng shui reveres what are called the eight auspicious objects of Buddhism, also referred to as the ashtamangala. Originated in Indian iconography, these good fortune symbols have seen an increase in popularity lately. In ancient times, they were used during special ceremonial occasions like the coronations of kings.

These powerful symbolic objects are thought to very auspicious. As such, they have been incorporated in traditional art and temples across China, Nepal, Tibet, and the rest of Asia in sculptures, paintings and textiles.

Each of the Buddhist Eight magical objects either protects you or brings you a type of good fortune. Here are the Buddhist eight auspicious objects, what they represent, and how practitioners of feng shui perceive each of them.

Endless Knot/Mystic Knot/Shrivasta - The endless knot is the Buddhist representation of the life cycle. Its smooth transitions represent the journey that life should be – free from sufferings, misfortune, distress, or obstacles. It brings love luck and long life.

Lotus/Padma - This flower represents the mind’s transition from darkness and emptiness to true enlightenment. It helps generate pure thoughts and intentions. It is believed to invite luck in love, success in social relationships, and a sense of joy with life.

Victory Banner/Dhvaja - This is a flag that was traditionally carried by soldiers of India during wartimes. It’s a symbol to represent the Buddha’s victory over evil Mara during his pursuit of enlightenment. It brings success in overcoming adversity and triumphant luck in competitions. It is also believed to help with the total domination over negative energy and dark forces.

Parasol/Canopy/Umbrella/ Chattra  - Symbol of royalty and protection from harmful forces, illness and negative influence. The parasol is thought to help ensure that one is successful in career and employment aspirations. Also a symbol that brings recognition and great honors.

Pair of Golden Fish/Suvarnamatsya - Harmony, fertility, togetherness and wealth. It is believed that they stimulate the “wealth areas” and help to ensure financial security for the home’s residents.

Conch Shell/Sankha – The far-reaching sound of the conch is said to have the power to ward off spirits, avert natural disaster and awaken beings from ignorance. Conch shells traditionally symbolize authority, power and sovereignty.  It protects those on the road.

Treasure Vase/Kalasha - Wealth and everlasting prosperity.  A magical vessel that never goes empty of resources, the treasure vase offers peace, harmony and abundance.

Dharma Wheel/Dharmachakra - symbolizes the entirety of the Buddhist eight Noble. The sacred wheel is largely symbolic of transformation and spiritual change, and man’s triumph over hindrances and shortcomings. It is thought to help you overcome ignorance, anger, greed and bigotry, and attain the highest form of happiness and wisdom.

The potency of the Eight Buddhist Auspicious Symbols is said to be magnified when used during the Period 8 of Feng Shui that runs until 2024 because of its association with the lucky number 8. Invite one home today!

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