Bejeweled Wind Horse Carrying Flaming Jewel

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Dimension :  1.25x3.75x3.75 in (3.2x9.5x9.5 cm)
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A beautiful Wind Horse carrying a Wishfulfilling Flaming Jewel on its back. It has a secret compartment for you to store your wishes.

In Feng Shui the windhorse is used specifically as a bringer of windfall luck. Windfall luck is a stroke of great luck in love, life or fortune that catches you unexpectedly. It is considered the most treasured type of luck for gamblers and financial investors.

In Feng Shui the windhorse is a great bringer of success. In Chinese astrology each year every person has a different horoscope reading of their Windhorse luck. When the windhorse is strong a person enjoys success and victories, when the windhorse is unfavorable achieving anything can be difficult even with hard work and dedication. Placing a windhorse statue or image at the highest point of the house, such as on top of a cabinet or tall dresser, is said to remedy unfavorable windhorse luck readings.

Here are some other Feng Shui cures for placing the Tibetan windhorse:

  1. Place the windhorse in the South sector at an elevated height to complement its fire element and show off its abilities in attracting and enhancing your reputation luck. This is said to be especially useful for increasing fame and upward mobility in your field.  
  2. Display a windhorse on your desk if your Chinese astrological sign is that of the horse. This is believed to amplify your good luck energy and ability to attract fortune.
  3. Place the windhorse in the main, more public areas of the home such as the main hall or living room to channel its strong Yang energy effectively. It is best NOT to place the windhorse in a private area such as the bedroom.
  4. Display a windhorse in your place of work if you are in a competitive career. The windhorses presence will help carry you to great successes past your competitors and ease the execution of new business ventures.

The Tibetan windhorse is a symbol of strong centering force and the sacred nature of well-being and good fortune. Invite its presence into your space to be carried away into happiness and prosperity.

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