Bejeweled King Gesar Of Ling Statue

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Material:  Metal
Weight :  1,300.00g ( 2.87 lbs)
Dimension :  4.25x3.25x6.75 in (10.8x8.3x17 cm)
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King Gesar – commander of the Himalayan Mountains – has been a legendary figure for at least eight centuries. This highly-respected King was thought to be a manifestation of Guru Rinpoche – a warrior King riding atop a Wind Horse, carrying mighty weapons and fighting off evil spirits who threaten the path to success. In Feng Shui, King Gesar is said to remove obstacles of all kinds, including an illness that might stand in the way of those on a mission to good fortune.

This powerful bejeweled figurine of King Gesar captures his powerful protective nature, and is said to grant magnified wealth, strength and success to those who display it. King Gesar should be given a place of honor in an elevated location in the home in order to grant the request of fame, recognition and overall luck. The Wind Horse he is atop is said to represent a swift victory for those who believe.

The confidence of King Gesar can extend to those who believe in his ability to open the door to strength and protection. King Gesar is said to be capable of opening doors to many areas of abundance and success that were previously unreachable. As an added bonus, this magnificent figurine has two secret compartments where one can store small but treasured items or better yet, where you can place secret wishes that have been written down, for safekeeping.

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