Wish Granting Jewel (Red) for Love and Recognition Luck 80mm

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Material:  Glass
Weight :  330.00g ( 0.73 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia. 3.15x1.75 in (Dia. 8x4.4 cm)
SKU:  MFSX824568 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  13
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The Wishfulfilling Red Jewel is an important stone in the Feng Shui world. A representation of both Fire and Earth, placing it in the Southwest area of the home or office bagua is believed to attract Love luck. It is also thought to be a powerful stone to recognition luck. If you want to activate its powers for fame and reputation luck, place it in the South area of the home.

The jewel is thought to have the power to grant wishes as well, hence the name. To try this out and see if it works for you, there is a simple ritual that you can perform each day. Simply hold the jewel in your hands, close your eyes, breathe deeply until you relax and bring to mind all the things you wish to happen for you and your loved ones. Keep the jewel somewhere you can see it throughout the day or in your pocket where you can touch it often to remind yourself of what you have wished.

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