Star #2 (Illness)

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Wu Lou for Health with Bell Feng Shui Hanging (Obsidian)
Dark and alluring, this Wu Lou health amulet in obsidian makes a great Feng Shui product f..
SKU: MFSX939272 (Sold Out)
Wu Lou Pendant with Adjustable Necklace - Jasper Chalcedony
Sunny and radiant, this Wu Lou health pendant in yellow jasper makes a great charm for ample longevi..
SKU: MFSX937116 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Double Wu Lou Keychain
Sleek and sparkling, this bejeweled double wu lou keychain makes a cute and convenient longevity cha..
SKU: MFSX821259 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Medicine Buddha Stupa
This stunning and colorful Stupa contains a Medicine Buddha – a perfect feng shui protector against ..
SKU: MFSX935730 (Sold Out)
Brass Feng Shui Wu Lou with 3d Eight Immortals
Dynamic and conspicuous, this brass Feng Shui Wu Lou with 3D immortals makes a great Feng Shui produ..
SKU: MFSX715138 (Sold Out)
Cluster of Jade Feng Shui Wu Lou Amulet
A highly auspicious amount of health luck is offered in this lovely feng shui jade charm. The W..
SKU: MFSX935824 (Sold Out)
Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque
The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of healing. He is widely worshipped in China and Tibet for his g..
SKU: MFSX931840 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui 6 Yellow Jasper Wu Lou Hanging
The Wu Lou was used by ancient Taoist monks to trap evil spirits and ward off negative influences on..
SKU: MFSX932144 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Brass Bagua Wu Lou for Sickness Cure
Elegantly engraved and auspicious, this bagua brass Feng Shui wu lou is excellent for remedying the ..
SKU: MFSX936214 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui White Anrenshui Wulou Keychain
Sleek and charming, this Feng Shui white Anrenshui Wu Lou keychain is a potent and compact protector..
SKU: MFSX927826 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Wu Lou with 8 Immortals and Magical Instruments
Ornately embellished and finely cast, this brass Feng Shui Wu Lou with 8 Immortals and Magical Instr..
SKU: MFSX710261 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Wulou Metal Winchime
Beautifully embellished, this Feng Shui Wu Lou metal wind chime makes an excellent protective charm...
SKU: MFSX925971 (Sold Out)
Four Jade Wu Lou Tassels for Good Health
A health-luck booster, this jade Wu Lou amulet makes a fabulous charm for enhancing well-being in Fe..
SKU: MFSX934470 (Sold Out)
Four Yellow Jasper Feng Shui Wu Lou Amulet Hanging
The Wu Lou was used by ancient Taoist monks to trap evil spirits and ward off negative influences ..
SKU: MFSX935959 (Sold Out)
Garuda Bird for Protection Against Illness Star
The year 2016 is highly impacted by the Illness Star, so more than ever, it is advised that we call ..
SKU: MFSX935399 (Sold Out)
Garuda Good Health Feng Shui Keychain
Since the year 2016 is particularly plagued by the #2 Illness Star, extra Feng shui protection will ..
SKU: MFSX935141 (Sold Out)
Golden Feng Shui Wu Lou for Health Luck
The Wu Lou symbol is a very powerful traditional symbol in the application of feng shui. Its unique ..
SKU: MFSX933182 (Sold Out)
Golden Longevity Wu Lou
This golden colored Wu Lou gourd features the God Sau, a Taoist Longevity deity. He is sitting near ..
SKU: MFSX931884 (Sold Out)
Golden Mystic Knot in Wu Lou Feng Shui Keychain
Intriguingly elegant, this golden mystic knot in Wu Lou Feng Shui keychain is an excellent protectiv..
SKU: MFSX712034 (Sold Out)
Health Amulet Feng Shui Keychain
Anyone concerned with health issues, especially those afflicted with the Illness Star in their yearl..
SKU: MFSX933540 (Sold Out)
Health Amulet Keychain
Carrying this gold-plated feng shui health amulet keychain can magnify health luck and protection. O..
SKU: MFSX931790 (Sold Out)
Jade Wu Lou for Health Amulet Hanging
Charming and multifaceted, this jade Wu Lou with grapes amulet hanging is overflowing with talismans..
SKU: MFSX929844 (Sold Out)
Jade Wu Lou Keychain for Health Luck
High-quality jade is used here to form a miniature lucky Wu Lou attached to a keychain, a feng shui ..
SKU: MFSX931456 (Sold Out)
Longevity Knowledge Vase
The longevity knowledge vase is a potent feng shui symbol thought to increase wisdom and encourage h..
SKU: MFSX930399 (Sold Out)