Medicine Buddha Mirror to Overcome Illness Energy

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Material:  Metal
Weight :  65.00g ( 0.14 lbs)
Dimension :  2x2x6.75 in (5x5x17 cm)
SKU:  MFSX935006 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  23
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Elegant and beautiful this medicine Buddha mirror is a serene health luck charm. The Medicine Buddha is believed to cure and heal in Buddhism. Sworn to aid those suffering from poverty, destitution, mental illness, infection or physical deformity, this Buddha is an emblem of boundless compassion in Feng Shui. A beautiful piece to carry or display for regular energy cleansing and enhanced immunity, this mirror is especially great to use when you are feeling under the weather or venturing into impure environments. To use it, reflect yourself in the mirror and visualize that your body cleansed of illness, including such things as a tumor, headache or a virus. The Medicine Buddha is ideal health luck symbol, said to protect the owner from any kind of mental or physical harm in Feng Shui.

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