Star #7 (Violent Star)

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Blue Sodalite Rhinoceros Amulet
This beautiful blue sodalite rhinocerous makes an excellent protective Feng Shui charm for protectin..
SKU: MFSX710272 (Sold Out)
Double Blue Rhino Feng Shui Violent Star Cure
These robust blue rhinoceroses are on the lookout for trouble from every direction. A special Feng S..
SKU: MFSX824269 (Sold Out)
Double Horned Blue Rhinoceros Anti Burglary Amulet
This delightful double horned rhinoceros keychain invokes the added power of the “Hum” mantra to sym..
SKU: MFSX824185 (Sold Out)
Dragon Tortoise Totem with Rhino and Elephant
In feng shui culture, the Rhino and Elephant are often called upon to protect against robbery, loss,..
SKU: MFSX935521 (Sold Out)
Eight Petal Lotus Mirror of Manjushri Keychain
This elegant and beautifully crafted gold-plated mirror keychain features a blue lotus which represe..
SKU: MFSX931388 (Sold Out)
Liuli Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant
These powerful creatures stand ready to defend against the threatening energy of the number 7 violen..
SKU: MFSX822862 (Sold Out)
Night Safety Amulet Keychain
Specially crafted for those who often work late, have a very active nightlife or travel frequently, ..
SKU: MFSX928414 (Sold Out)
Night Spot Talisman Amulet Keychain
Specially designed for those who often work late, have a very active nightlife or travel frequently,..
SKU: MFSX824422 (Sold Out)
Water Blue Rhinoceros Hum Keychain
Super-charged with water energy this blue rhinoceros keychain makes an ideal protective charm from t..
SKU: MFSX820913 (Sold Out)