Trinity 5 Element Pagoda With Om Ah Hum Keychain

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Price in reward points: 264
Material:  Metal
Weight :  70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)
Dimension :  0.5x0.5x2 in, 0.75x2x0.125 in, 5.25 in Lgth (1.3x1.3x5.1 cm, 13 cm)
SKU:  MFSX820107 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  18
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Doubly charged, this trinity 5 element pagoda with Om Ah Hum keychain is rife with potent protective symbols for dispelling the negative effects of the #5 Misfortune Flying Star. Three pairs of birds, a rapturous chant and the Tree of Life provide a multitude of positive energy. The shape of the pagoda itself is specially formulated for capturing and converting the Misfortune Star’s toxic Chi to beneficial energy. The #5 Flying Star is considered an instigator of serious accidents, monetary harm and illness in Flying Star Feng Shui. Carry this Feng Shui Keychain with you at all times if you eat, sleep or work in the sector of the Misfortune Star or if your maindoor is afflicted.



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