Star #3 (Hostile)

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Fire Protection Wheel Mirror of Avalokiteshvara Keychain
The golden brass fire protection wheel mirror is designed to showcase the tantric chakra of fire sur..
SKU: MFSX931399 (Sold Out)
Flaming Magic Wheel Keychain
Powerfully radiant, this flaming magic wheel keychain makes a great Feng Shui cure for the tension c..
SKU: MFSX820864 (Sold Out)
Flaming Magic Wheel with Sword
Brilliant and authoritative, this flaming magic wheel with sword is ideal Feng Shui for countering t..
SKU: MFSX925928 (Sold Out)
Golden Double Dorje Phurba Tassels
Showcasing a gorgeous symbol of freedom from ignorance, this golden double Dorje Phurba Buddhist tas..
SKU: MFSX928331 (Sold Out)
Golden Ksitigarbha Fireball Feng Shui Keychain
Associated with the powers of the Bodhisattva Ksitagarbha, the fireball is used to clear the influen..
SKU: MFSX710636 (Sold Out)
Ksitigarbha Fireball with Mantra Feng Shui Cure Keychain
Specially designed to counter the negative effects of the hostile #3 flying star, this Ksitigarbha F..
SKU: MFSX926483 (Sold Out)
Ksitigarbha Staff Feng Shu Cure (8 inches)
The Ksitigarbha staff is a revered Buddhist icon, also known as the ‘Khakhara’. It is a ringed staff..
SKU: MFSX710548 (Sold Out)
Peace and Anti Conflict Feng Shui Keychain
This stunning and colorful Peace and Anti-Conflict Keychain displays a red apple with mantra, a gold..
SKU: MFSX933562 (Sold Out)
Peace and Harmony Amulet Keychain
An excellent charm for countering the aggressive #3 Flying Star, this Peace and harmony Amulet keych..
SKU: MFSX928403 (Sold Out)
Red Mantra Ball with Stand
Lovely and auspicious, this red mantra ball with stand is said to cast positive energy in every dire..
SKU: MFSX824101 (Sold Out)
White Tara Mirror Feng Shui Keychain
In feng shui, it is believed that WHITE TARA seeks to protect you from anger or illness. She is even..
SKU: MFSX935662 (Sold Out)