3/8 Hotu Mirror for Power and Growth Keychain

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Material:  Metal
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This powerful yet beautiful gold-plated 3/8 Ho Tu Mirror for Power and Growth features the powerful seed syllable to repel hostility brought by the #3 quarrelsome star and it's surrounded by the 12 horoscope animals. On the other side of the mirror – the shiny surface – mantras for power and growth are inscribed. The polished gold handle is further enhanced with gold ball chain tassels. Ho Tu Feng shui numbers are found in pairs (from both the annual and period charts) in a certain manner in Flying Star Charts representing Yin (even numbers) and Yang (odd numbers). It is rare that all four pairs are found in a chart, but 2015 is just such a year, making it highly auspicious. The 3/8 Ho Tu numbers occurs in the center this year, rendering the center dominating power and authority luck as well as good fortune in promotions at work. The center affects everyone in the household. You should carry it with you especially for those who are in business and politics.

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