You cannot mention Chinese symbolism and Feng Shui without immediately bringing to mind the image of the Dragon. In Feng Shui, the Dragon is one of the most important symbols of power, luck and prosperity. The “Dragon’s Breath” is what all Feng Shui practitioners are trying to attract into their homes and businesses as it is believed to be the source for all good fortune and success. This guardian of the sky symbolizes powerful Yang energy that represents male vigor and strength and is a highly auspicious symbol to have around. The dragon has given rise to a source of inspiration for people to help them overcome adversity, gain better wisdom and foresight, and rise to the nature of all challenges, making it especially well sought-after by businessmen. With the Feng Shui dragon on your side, it is thought, nothing can stand in your way.

Here are some common ways Dragons can be used as Feng Shui and what the placement is believed to bring to your life.

  • Displayed anywhere in the home or car is thought to bring luck to the whole family.
  • Placing a dragon in the center or east sectors of a house with a sick person is thought to speed recover and increase longevity.
  • Put a dragon behind you where you work, such as the cash register or your desk, and it is believed it will protect your from being drawn into dramas that will distract your from your work.
  • Place the dragon in the North section of your home or office and it is said to activate success in your career.
  • Put a dragon near any water in your home, such as an aquarium or fountain, and it is thought to encourage heightened mental powers and achievements to ambitious people.

There are two places that people don’t place dragons, and that is the bedroom and bathroom.

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