Mini Bonsai Rose Quartz Crystal Feng Shui Tree

Price: $12.99
Price in reward points: 156
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  400.00g ( 0.88 lbs)
Dimension :  6x5x4.5 in (15.2x12.7x11.4 cm)
SKU:  MFSX824605
Reward Points:  10
Availability:  In Stock
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A mesmerizing and alluring tree, this Mini Bonsai Rose Quartz Crystal Feng Shui Tree is the perfect item for when you need an extra bit of luck in the love department. Known as the "Love Stone", Rose Quartz is considered one of the most powerful stones in enhancing all kinds of love - with yourself, your spouse, among family members, and friends. Emotionally, it soothes the soul, brings forgiveness, and mends wounded hearts, bringing inner peace and opening one's heart to love again. You can place this tree in the bedroom or Southwest corner to promote fidelity, blissfulness, kindness, compassion and martriarch luck.

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