Mini Bonsai Clear Quartz Feng Shui Tree

Price: $13.99
Price in reward points: 168
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  400.00g ( 0.88 lbs)
Dimension :  6x5x4.5 in (15.2x12.7x11.4 cm)
SKU:  MFSX824647
Reward Points:  11
Availability:  In Stock
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Petite and cute, this mini wish fulfilling crystal tree in clear quartz can be used in any space requiring increased balance and harmony. For generations across Asia, admirers have made offerings and tied wishes to auspicious trees hoping for their dreams to come true. Clear Quartz is one of the most popular of the Feng Shui crystals as it is believed to be one of the most powerful ways to bring the Earth’s natural healing energies into your life. Many practitioners will use this stone to assist in creating positive energies as they believe that most illnesses and depressions stem from the influence of the negative on the personal energy aura. Place this beautiful Feng Shui product by your bedside to enhance sleep and relaxation or keep it on your desk to filter out the harmful effects of electro-magnetic radiation.  

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