Feng Shui Jade Peony Flower Plant

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Peonies are the symbol of romance and sexual prowess in Feng Shui and are highly revered as the Queen of all flowers. They are also called the “flower of riches and honor” or “Mou Tan” in Chinese and have been nominated multiple times as the national flower of the country.

The peony is believed to enhance beneficial energies and attract love luck and wealth. It is specifically a symbol of feminine grace and the invigorating energy of young love.

The tradition of the peony stems back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) when legend tells of a favored courtesan of the emperor, Yang Gui Fei, who clad her quarters and surrounding gardens in peonies. These flowers were said to help amplify her feminine mystique and endow her with unrivalled abilities in love-making. She was known as one of the four most desirable women in China.

In Feng Shui peonies are useful for both men and women in attracting a mate with a strong libido and resplendent romantic energy. They are also beneficial for established couples looking to unlock new heights in their romance and revitalize their love. Lillian Too is a big advocate of peonies in the bedroom.

Here are several Feng Shui uses for the presentation of peonies in your home:

  1. Place a peony flower in the Southwest of the bedroom or living room if you are a bachelor looking to attract an arousing and faithful wife. This will activate the Yin energy of your space necessary to invite a devoted female presence. A Southwest placement is also advantageous for a lady looking for an appropriate mate.
  2. Place a peony in the living room or main hall or your home to enhance the charming qualities of all of the members of your household.
  3. Place the peony beside the main entrance of your home or in the Southwest sector of your living room to act as a love potion for any romance that needs reigniting. 

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