Seven Chakra Natural Crystal Bracelet with Diffuser Lava Stone

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This beautiful bracelet features 7 natural crystals, with each color representing a chakra color. Thus, red agate, citrine, tiger’s eye, green aventurine, turquoise, sodalite and amethyst appear and are strung together amongst black lava stones. Bracelets such as this have been worn in India for centuries and have been thought to contain the ability to heal. Now, because of its beauty, the bracelet has become popular in fashionable cities such as Paris and Los Angeles. The bracelet can be worn by any age or gender – anyone who wishes to acquire peace and calm. Its multi-colors make it an attractive accessory in addition to a healing bracelet. It is believed to bring balance to the seven chakra energies, considered by many to be as critical as having a balanced meal in terms of adding to health and happiness. Each colored stone or charm of the bracelet is said to aid in chakra energy: the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base. The colors of the stones/charms represent the chakras, ranging from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and white/violet. 

To get the most benefit from the bracelet, its wearer must have belief in its healing and balancing ability. They can then meditate with it and make connection with positive vibrations. Anyone having a major illness, pain, bouts of alcoholism or mental illness has been known to say they are helped by the bracelet’s energy.  Even if one’s only desire is to have better well-being and energy, it’s believed the bracelet can offer help. 

The lava stone laced among the chakra stones comes from the core of the Earth – a molten rock that forms after lava from a volcano erupts. This creates raw energy and symbolizes rebirth and shedding of undesired emotional or physical attachments. Because the origin of the lava stone is the result of an event that’s violent, its survival is seen as a symbol of strength and stability. Lava stones, in feng shui culture, are considered helpful for providing peace to emotional problems and healing for spiritual problems.

The black lava is porous and can absorb oil, so adding a drop or two of an essential oil to the stone before wearing it all day is best. It should be worn next to your skin or close to it. The entire bracelet should be kept clean and dirt-free.

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