Five Elements Crystal Bracelet

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Price in reward points: 108
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  30.00g ( 0.07 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia.0.3 in, Lgth 6.5 to 11 inches (Dia. 8 mm, 16.5 to 28 cm)
SKU:  MFSX930499
Reward Points:  7
Availability:  In Stock
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This vibrantly colorful crystal bracelet represents the five feng shui elements of life. Separately they are powerful but together, as they are featured in this item, they are believed to offer powerful good luck and harmony. The bracelet is adjustable so it can fit most wrist sizes. Each colored crystal symbolizes a different feng shui element – green, for wood; red, for fire; clear for metal; yellow for the Earth; and black for the water. It is thought that all of the powers these elements represent are gathered here in one place, providing clear thinking, strength, courage, harmony and purification for the wearer.

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