Dragon Bone Crystal Bracelet

Price: $23.99
Price in reward points: 288
Material:  Crystal
Weight :  60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dimension :  5-10 in lgth (13-25cm)
SKU:  MFSX717584
Reward Points:  19
Availability:  In Stock

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Engage the power of the dragon with this beautiful dragon bone crystal bracelet. Dragon Bone is a very rare crystal, known to a select few and available only in Taiwan. It’s wonderfully strange, scale-like pattern earns this crystal its name while Feng Shui’s deep reverence for the energy of dragon lends it its power as a lucky charm. Wearing dragon bone crystal is thought to generate a potent force of yang energy in the body and mind. This vibrant aura is believed to attract good luck and fantastic fortune in life, repelling harm and malignant energy. Use this unusual bracelet if you are seeking extra luck or enhanced protection.  

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