Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

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Material:  Crystal
Weight :  70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)
Dimension :  Dia. 0.375 in, Lgth 5-10 inches (10mm, 12.5-25 cm)
SKU:  MFSX939918
Reward Points:  4
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This easy-to-recognize stretch elastic bracelet features blue evil eye beads, a feng shui expression of protection from bad intentions. The Evil Eye is also referred to as the Lucky Eye and was famous in the Mediterranean area to ward off the “evil eye” thought to be given by those wishing to create bad outcomes or negative situations for others. These often jealous or resentful people were said to attempt to negatively affect good fortune, success and achievement for their enemies, and the Evil Eye bracelet is one way of warding off those negative intentions and attracting good luck and happiness instead.

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