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Roosters / Chicken

The rooster has a plethora of positive meanings in Chinese tradition and Feng Shui. The pronunciation of the word rooster in Chinese is very similar to that of “auspicious” and thus roosters are associated with the bringing of good luck. Their strong, majestic and intimidating nature is also considered a very positive representation of Yang energy.

Ancient tradition described the rooster as emblematic of five highly desirable traits: decorum, militancy, courage, dependability and altruism. The rooster’s handsome crest and tail feathers lend it the characteristic of decorum or nobility. Militancy is tied to the deadly spurs on the cock’s feet. Courage is gained by the rooster’s willingness to face any opponent, his reliability is demonstrated by his daily sunrise call and his altruism stems from his willingness to share his food (though not his flock) with other roosters.  

Roosters also possess other highly desirable characteristics to symbolically aide in success. They are said to loyal creatures always on the lookout for danger or trouble that could cause harm to your wealth, work or relationship. The rooster is always energetic and demonstrative of a bright and positive energy for inspiring happiness and joy in Feng Shui practitioners.

Here are some Feng Shui cures for placing the rooster:

  1. Place a rooster figurine directly facing or diagonally across from your main entrance to protect from affairs and adultery for your entire household. For this same purpose a rooster can also be given as a gift to your spouse to be placed in their office so as to keep a watchful eye and prevent illicit happenings or external interference in your relationship bond. 
  2. Place a rooster in your office if you are in a political career. In Feng Shui it is said that a rooster in this context will prevent treachery you couldn’t have anticipated and foster good luck in your pursuits.
  3. Display a Feng Shui rooster at a table height behind your chair or desk facing diagonally towards the entrance of your office. From this position the rooster can carefully “peck over” all energies entering your office and remove the malignant ones.
  4. Have your boss place a rooster on his desk if you work in a long row of cubicles, said in Feng Shui to represent a frustrating ‘centipede’ energy. The rooster will counter the negative aspects of your office arrangement.
  5. Place the rooster in the South of your home or office, according to the Feng Shui Bagua, to benefit your reputation luck. Here the rooster will lead to your hard work and ingenuity being recognized instead of overlooked by your superiors and greatly benefit your recognition in your field. This is a most excellent aid to success.
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