Feng Shui Gold Bars, Ingots and Coins Set

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Material:  Metal
Weight :  260.00g ( 0.57 lbs)
Dimension :  See Below
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Dazzling symbols of wealth, such as this assortment of gold ingots, coins and gold bars have long been used in Feng Shui to awaken wealth luck energy. The gold ingot was a traditional form of currency exchanged between high ranking and wealthy individuals and symbolizes not only prosperity but noble bearing as well. The gold bars serve as a universal symbol of grounded and long lasting wealth and the Feng Shui coins are a favored Feng Shui representation of Tien Di Ren or the trinity of luck. Place these resplendent objects with your home or workplace’s wealth god, wealth ship, wealth pot or any other wealth attracting objects to magnify their abilities; or keep it in areas of financial transaction such as the cash register.

Gold Coins and Ingots are made of metal while Gold Bars are made of Resin.

Gold Coins (metal) - Dia. 1.75 in (L), Dia. 1.375 (M), Dia. 0.75 in (S)
Gold Ingots (metal) - 1.375x0.875x0.75 in (L), 1x0.625x0.5 in (S)
Gold Bar (resin) - 0.625x2.375x0.5 in


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