Golden Feng Shui 7-level Pagoda

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Material:  Metal
Weight :  500.00g ( 1.10 lbs)
Dimension :  2.25x2.25x6 in (5.5x5.5x15 cm)
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Reward Points:  37
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A popular and potent feng shui tool is this impressive Golden 7-Level Pagoda, symbolizing the seven treasured Buddhas who existed at different times.

Throughout history, pagoda temples have symbolized the path to awakened perception as well as wisdom, harmony and peace. Chinese folklore says that pagodas were used to calm disruptive people who were placed inside until they calmed down. Feng shui historical beliefs say the pagoda revitalizes those who gaze at it, filling them with good chi as well as fame and academic luck. Many students or those in the educational field find the pagoda especially motivating and capable of increasing alertness and concentration, and they should place it by their bedside, on a desk where they study or in the Northeast section of a room which represents the feng shui bagua life aspiration theory for increasing concentration and alertness. The word pagoda comes from the Wen Chang Flying Star #4 which is thought to have an impact on education and success luck and authors often possess a pagoda to enhance fame and fortune from their work.

But education luck is not the only area where this feng shui item excels – it is also believed to improve intelligence, create a more potent business environment and image of authority, and even bolster good health, tying back to the idea of trapping negativity inside and preventing health issues. To magnify the results for better health, try placing it in the East sector of a living or dining room, also known as the “health sector”, to keep illness at bay or quicken the recovery from a disease.


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