Laughing Buddha

The happiest Feng Shui symbol of financial prosperity and well-being is none other than the Laughing Buddha. He shares his joy with those who praise him, and is known by many names including Maitreya and Budai. Laughing Buddha provides followers with a look in to what true happiness is like with his smiling face and cheerfulness.

The Laughing Buddha is said to fix and clear any negative or bad while providing followers with great joy. He is an excellent source of peaceful energy, and summons an abundance of wealth chi.

Here are some ideas on the placementLaughing Buddha:

  • On your desk at work - to repel disloyalty and bring you joy at work.
  • On the dashboard of your car- this is believed to help guide you on your journey, and to also help tranquilize sorrows even in difficult times.
  • On your study desk - believed to assist you do well in your studies.
  • According to Feng Shui Kua formula, place the Laughing Buddha in your personal Sheng Chi direction to attract luck in the areas of well-being, achievement, personal development and abundance. 

Placements according to feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations formula:

  • Center of your home- This is believed to help to prevent arguments.
  • Southeast area of your home - This is believed to bring on unforeseen luck in regard to a big monetary gain.

The Laughing Buddha statue makes a great gift for anyone and any grand occasion. With his cheerful and sunny persona, it is excellent for anyone who is going through a difficult time or who is facing a lot of sorrows.

The Laughing Buddha is a well-respected figure and should always be placed in a location of respect. He should never be placed in the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

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