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Laughing Buddha Bell Tassel

Price: $11.99
Price in reward points: 144
Material:  Metal
Weight :  130.00g ( 0.29 lbs)
Dimension :  2.x2x2.375 in, Lgth 15.5 in (5x5x6 cm, 40 cm)
SKU:  MFSX941048
Reward Points:  10
Availability:  In Stock
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These superbly attractive Feng Shui Bell Tassel are adorned with the good luck symbols of the Laughing Buddha, the Buddha and Mystic knot.

This Laughing Buddha is an excellent Feng Shui charm for wealth, happiness and protection. Depicting the most popular Buddha in the world, also known as Happy Buddha, Budai or Hotei, this symbol represents enduring abundance and satisfaction in life. This lucky charm is perfect from hanging from the rearview mirror of your vehicle, in your porch or verandah, or near your work station to ward off negative energy and encourage bliss and thriving achievements.

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