Kwan Kong / Guan Gong

Kwan Kung is Chinese god of war, who is known for being very powerful. The Kwan Kung is believed to provide people who invite him into their home or at work with both status and protection. Businessmen looking for power or to be treated equally typically seek his help. Kwan Kung comes from a tale of China’s most powerful warrior. His original name was Kuan Di and he was a hero both on the battlefield and at home in his country. After a lot of wins and heroic actions he was known as a vital protector to emperors, politicians, businessmen and his armies. He was then given the name Kwan Kung or “god of war” because of his deeds. It is believed that because of Kwan Kung’s commitment to justice, that he stands up for the guiltless and righteous. It is recommended that you keep a Kwan Kung to protect against thieves and paranormal spirits. This figure is believed to protect wealth and not allow any evil or negative intent to ever get by him.

Here are some placements or feng shui beliefs on how to best use the powers of the Kwan Kung:

  • Facing Entranceway- It is believed that a Kwan Kung placed here will protect against fraud and embezzlements. This is believed to strengthen business relationships and build loyalty and trust among workers.
  • Northwest - By placing the Guan Gong here, you are believed to be protected against lies and betrayal. This is recommended for businessmen, or business women who are in a position of power. This placement will attract luck with a mentor, specifically of the adored Gui Ren. This type of luck is believed to bring you someone who is successful in your industry and influence him or her in to giving you guidance. 
  • Facing the main entrance- It is believed that the Kwan Kung will help to keep out any visitors to your home who have negative or ill intentions.
  • Kwan Kung is highly revered in police forces in Asian cultures and is kept as symbols of victory and protection.  

Never place a Kwan Kong in the bathroom, bedroom or never yin energy space; he must be in a place of respect. However, praying to him is not required.

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