Colorful Standing God of War Kwan Kung

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Price in reward points: 396
Material:  Resin
Weight :  1,200.00g ( 2.65 lbs)
Dimension :  5.5x3.5x10.5 in (14x8.9x26.7 cm)
SKU:  MFSX713253 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  26
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Majestically poised, this colorful God of War Kwan Kung statue is a favorite Guardian Deity of businessmen, politicians, military and law enforcement. Widely used across Asia as an enhancer of certain victory and protection, the legend of Kwan Kung descends from accounts of Guan Di, China’s most revered military general. His dragon blade is believed to have the power to slay any opponent, while his countenance is known to defend the righteous and expose the true intentions of wrong doers. Place this statue in facing your main entrance or behind your desk facing outward to support easy success and repel inauspicious chi. In the workplace, Kwan Kung protects against fraud and embezzlements, as well as boosts your victory luck and fighting spirits in the cutthroat corporate arena.

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