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Horoscope Guardian Protector Deity for Sheep & Monkey - Obsidian Pendant
There are eight Buddhist deities who protect the 12 Chinese Horoscope signs, with each deity protect..
SKU: MFSX936406
Howlite Bead in Hematite Ring Bracelet
This unique bracelet combines ring-shaped pieces of the strong metallic stone hematite with beads of..
SKU: MFSX930588
Hum Syllable Pendant (Golden)
Hum is known as the indivisible sound. In ancient Asian tradition sound is believed to be what first..
SKU: MFSX824926
Medallion for Protection from Third Party Interference Pendant
This medallion amulet is crafted to ward off interference from an outside person who have the vile i..
SKU: MFSX825271
Onyx Bead in Hematite Ring Bracelet
The unique design of this bracelet is sure to attract attention and positive comments because of the..
SKU: MFSX930600
Premium Grade Dragon and Phoenix Jade Pendant
In Chinese and feng shui culture, jade is considered the most revered gemstone. Often called “the st..
SKU: MFSX934040
Red Coral Bead in Hematite Ring Bracelet
This bracelet features ring-shaped pieces of the sturdy metal hematite with beads of red coral insid..
SKU: MFSX930599
Stainless Steel Om Mani Padme Hum Lotus Pendant
This stunning stainless steel pendant is created in the lotus shape and etched with the popular ..
SKU: MFSX930533
Swan Crystal Pendant with Necklace
This beautiful polished swan necklace showcases a crystal of your choosing at its center enwrapped b..
SKU: MFSX822169
Bejeweled Evil Eye Pendant Charm (925 Silver)
Wear this evil eye bead charm to counteract the negative intentions of jealous or harmful people wis..
SKU: MFSX938535 (Sold Out)
Bejeweled Feng Shui Yin Yang Ball Charm Bead (925 Silver)
The Yin and Yang symbol symbolizes two opposite yet complementary energies - the perfect b..
SKU: MFSX938499 (Sold Out)
Enameled Four Leaf Clover Pendant Bead Charm (925 Silver)
Attract good luck with this beautiful lucky four-leaf clover charm. Each leaf in the clover sym..
SKU: MFSX938523 (Sold Out)
Feng Shui Mystic Knot Charm Bead (925 Silver)
The mystic knot, because it represents the symbol 8 which is homonymous with the Chinese word for fo..
SKU: MFSX938669 (Sold Out)
Jade Mandarin Ducks with Ruyi Pendant
Beautiful and chunky, this pair of loving Mandarin Ducks jade pendant carved into a shape of peach m..
SKU: MFSX938705 (Sold Out)
Lotus Om Mani Padme Hum Stainless Steel Pendant
This beautiful stainless steel pendant is etched with the popular mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” in lotu..
SKU: MFSX938255 (Sold Out)
Pair of Mandarin Ducks Bead Charm (925 Silver)
Attract good love and romance luck with this pair of lovely Mandarin Ducks - symbol of eternal love ..
SKU: MFSX938408 (Sold Out)
Sacred Sri Yantra Mandala Geometry Pendant Necklace
The sacred Sri Yantra is perhaps the most fortunate of yantras, attracting wealth luck and joy to yo..
SKU: MFSX938795 (Sold Out)
Wealth Beckoning Fortune Cat Bead Charm (925 Silver)
The fortune cat is a beloved symbol of happiness, good luck and prosperity in Asia. Attract goo..
SKU: MFSX938511 (Sold Out)
8 Immortal Magical Objects Cuff Bracelet
This cuff bracelet features eight Magical Objects belonging to the Eight Immortals. The Eight Immort..
SKU: MFSX936061 (Sold Out)
925 Silver Feng Shui Dragon for Success Pendant
Vigilant and captivating, this 925 silver Feng Shui dragon for success pendant is beautifully wrough..
SKU: MFSX928140 (Sold Out)
925 Silver Feng Shui Mystic Knot Pendant with Swarovski Crystals
Elegant and compellingly symbolic, this 925 Silver Feng Shui Mystic Knot pendant with Swarovski crys..
SKU: MFSX926750 (Sold Out)
Amethyst Cluster Crystal Pendant Necklace
Dazzling and rich in cleansing energy, this amethyst cluster crystal pendant necklace makes a wonder..
SKU: MFSX824762 (Sold Out)
Anti-Jealousy Evil Eye Feng Shui Bracelet
The “evil eye” that adorns this beautiful Anti-Jealousy Bracelet is said to protect from harm caused..
SKU: MFSX935310 (Sold Out)
Attracting Big Money Talisman Pendant
This is a medallion pendant that is on a necklace that is believed to bring fortune and good luck. O..
SKU: MFSX926448 (Sold Out)