Liuli Temple Lion Biting Swords Tassels (Colorful)

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Price in reward points: 276
Material:  Glass
Weight :  120.00g ( 0.26 lbs)
Dimension :  2.25x2.25x0.625 in, Lgth 13 in (5.7x5.7x1.6 cm, 33 cm)
SKU:  MFSX927780
Reward Points:  18
Availability:  In Stock
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Colorful and uplifting, this Liuli temple lion biting sword tassel in vibrant colors is specially formulate to ward off danger. Made from extraordinary liuli colored glass, this is a powerful protective charm in Feng Shui. The fierce lion clenches a sword in its teeth, challenging anything that comes near it. This symbol is great for those who frequently go out at night, live in dangerous neighborhoods or wish to excel with ferocity in competitive sports. Hang this Feng Shui charm in your vehicle, home or workplace to promote and protect positive energy and evict dark killing energies.

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