Jadeite Feng Shui Arowana with Child (s)

Price: $13.99
Price in reward points: 168
Material:  Resin
Weight :  300.00g ( 0.66 lbs)
Dimension :  5x2x3.75 in (12.7x5.1x9.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX927724
Reward Points:  11
Availability:  In Stock
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This delicate translucent sculpture of an arowana and its fry will help empower you with strength, intelligence and ideal descendent luck according to Feng Shui lore. The small fish and the large fish together demonstrate your desire to confer the same blessings of success, security and financial prosperity that you desire on your heirs and family. The arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world because of its esteemed nature. It is said to more closely resemble the dragon than any living creature with its shimmering scales and long whiskers. Display this Feng Shui fish prominently in your home or across from your main entrance to invite long lasting wealth luck for all of your family members.

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