Golden Prosperity Feng Shui Arowana (L)

Price: $68.99
Price in reward points: 828
Material:  Resin
Weight :  2,600.00g ( 5.73 lbs)
Dimension :  7x4x7 in (17.8x10.2x17.8 cm)
SKU:  MFSX931333
Reward Points:  55
Availability:  In Stock
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The Arowana fish is also known as the “golden dragon” fish because of its resemblance to a dragon in appearance. Dragons are a highly auspicious creature in feng shui, representing strength and power, thus this dragon fish is often used to represent the attraction of power and strength in many areas of life. The scale of this golden fish here is fashioned out of gold coins, another feng shui symbol of finance luck and prosperity since gold is associated with wealth. The word for “fish” is “yu” which in Chinese sounds like “wealth.” Legend says that the arowana has adapted to the ways of humanity because of its ability to stay focused and see things in advance that might cause harm. In this way, feng belief says that the fish can prevent negativity or deflect it before it becomes a problem. This Feng Shui fish is thought to be quite intelligent and when the actual fish is swimming in an aquarium, often in a business setting, it is said to be counted upon to predict disasters because it will hit itself against the aquarium wall to attract attention, or even jump out of the tank to sacrifice itself if it feels it can thereby save its owner. For feng shui good luck it may be displayed in a main entrance to protect a business or family from harm or in a Southeast corner near a desk or cash register for auspicious business and wealth luck.

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