Golden Double Carp Jumping Over Dragon Door

Price: $14.99
Price in reward points: 180
Material:  Resin
Weight :  260.00g ( 0.57 lbs)
Dimension :  3x2.75x4.75 in (7.6x7x12.1 cm)
SKU:  MFSX713987
Reward Points:  12
Availability:  In Stock
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An ideal Feng Shui charm for helping one overcome competition and all barriers to success, this shimmering golden statue of double carp crossing the dragon gate disseminates from a favorite Chinese legend. The ambitious carp was brave enough to challenge the magnificent currents of the Yellow river, leaping over rock and waterfall, to swim upstream all the way to the headwaters. Here the carp crossed over the mythical dragon gate, where he was rewarded by being transformed into the ultimate auspicious symbol: a dragon. The daring feats of the carp are thought to inspire equally impressive successes for those on an arduous career path. The pair of carp is also believed to be an excellent love charm. Place these leaping carp prominently in your home or workplace or diagonally across from your main entrance to bolster your success and shed the carp’s exquisite good luck into the surrounding environment. 

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