Brass Arowana with Feng Shui Coin Scale

Price: $58.99
Price in reward points: 708
Material:  Brass
Weight :  620.00g ( 1.37 lbs)
Dimension :  6x1.875x3.25 in (15.2x4.8x8.3 cm)
SKU:  MFSX929437 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  47
Availability:  Out Of Stock
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Use this unique Feng Shui arowana fashioned out of prosperity coins to magnetically attract wealth luck and bolster all of your admirable qualities. The arowana is a fish long treasured in Feng Shui for its resemblance to the dragon and its strong intellect. Said to be able to sense bad events or negative energy before they arrive, the arowana is a favored companion of businessmen and financial executives in Asian countries, causing it to become most expensive aquarium fish in the world. Place this arowana prominently in your home, across from a main entrance or near the Southeast corner of your cash register to inspire all the energy it touches to turn to gold.  

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