Mini Brass Feng Shui Dragon

Price: $18.99
Price in reward points: 228
Material:  Brass
Weight :  120.00g ( 0.26 lbs)
Dimension :  0.75x2.5x1.375 in (2x6.5x3.5 cm)
SKU:  MFSX938196
Reward Points:  15
Availability:  In Stock
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Said to impart good chi all around you, this mini brass Feng Shui dragon grasping a ball of success is a powerful carrier of Yang energy. The brass metal enhances the dragon’s capacity to hold positive energy, while the ball is a classic symbol of the earth in Feng Shui. Thus this dragon is thought to greatly enhance earth luck and help put the world in your hands. Excellent for supporting those in positions of power and adding a sense of ease to arduous endeavors, the fierce image of the dragon is thought to both energize and inspire. Display it in the North area or your home or office to enhance career and achievement luck.

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