Brass Feng Shui Four Celestial Animals

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Material:  Brass
Weight :  1,900.00g ( 4.19 lbs)
Dimension :  3x2.375x3 in each (7.6x6x7.6 cm)
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Placing these four brass celestial animals around one’s landscape is said to offer feng shui protection in many ways. When building a home or renovating, or if re-doing the landscaping, it is an auspicious sign to place these animals in their respective locations to enhance strength and good fortune. The green dragon is a magnificent symbol of good luck, believed to offer powerful feng shui protection. It is ideal to place it in the East feng shui sector - to the left or near an inner left wall if choosing to keep it indoors. The next animal is the white tiger, symbolizing the defensive ability to repress negative energy. It is suggested that it be placed in the West or right side of the home, lower than at the level of the green dragon. It is believed to help prevent burglary or misfortune in the home and if placed indoors, should be placed on an inner right wall. The next animal – the red phoenix – represents success and fame luck and is said to encourage career possibilities especially when located in an open space in the South sector. An ideal location might be near a low fence, in front of the home or on a mound of dirt, according to feng shui belief. The black tortoise is the fourth celestial animal, preferably placed in the North sector to encourage a long life for those in the home. It is also considered beneficial in ensuring steadfast protection and support, defending its position on a smooth hill or back wall of the property. All of the animals together are said to activate protection and good health and wealth for those who dwell on the property.

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