Bejeweled Blue Feng Shui Dragon

Price: $118.99
Price in reward points: 1428
Material:  Metal
Weight :  700.00g ( 1.54 lbs)
Dimension :  5x3.5x1.75 in (12.7x8.9x4.4 cm)
SKU:  MFSX824110 (Sold Out)
Reward Points:  95
Availability:  Out Of Stock
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A glittering good fortune product, this bejeweled blue Feng Shui dragon sits on a secret compartment where wishes or good intentions written on slips of paper can be tucked. Known as the creature of supreme power in Chinese Feng Shui, this dragon is said to keep guard over your wishes and help them come true. Dragons are powerfully associated with positive energy and also reputed for warding off negative. This blue dragon is specially formulated to amplify health luck. Place it in the main room or Eastern area of your home or workplace to enhance prosperity, longevity and wellness among occupants.

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